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How do you pose?

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SongofAmazon (Jenna)
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Detachment CO

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 06, 2017 2:14 pm    Post subject: How do you pose? Reply with quote

Many royalty and senatorial costumes are elaborate and stunning, but do not have props like lightsabers, blasters, or gaffi sticks that we would find in other detachments. Plus, with growing security levels at conventions and in some cities, even if your costume comes with a prop weapon, you cannot always carry it.

So, I wanted to get a discussion going to share tips and tricks of posing in costume.

First, a few general points:

1. Blasters: If you have a blaster, please do not point it at another person. Up in the air or towards the ground is much safer. Also, you should keep your finger off the trigger. You do not want to make anyone feel nervous. Treat it like it is a real weapon and people will breathe easier. Sometimes that means keeping it safely in your holster for the whole event, or just leaving it in your costume bag.

2. Keeping it Family Friendly: While it can be really fun to do sexy poses at conventions and other events with all adults, you should consider doing more relaxed and fun poses at family events with children. Also remember that "Cosplay is not Consent" goes both ways; if someone is taking a picture with you and you want to do a sexy pose with them, ask first to make sure they are okay with it.

3. Safe Touching: When taking photos with event attendees and other costumes, be conscious of how and where you touch them. As a camp counselor, I was taught that the safe places to touch another person are the hands, the top of the head, the shoulders, and the upper back. Even then, respect people's desires not to be touched if they don't want an arm around their shoulders.

4. Watch out for Each Other: Not everyone fully respects the idea of "Cosplay is not Consent" yet and may try to touch or pose with another costumer in a way that that costumer does not want. This includes, kissing, hugging, arms around waists, touching butts or codpieces, or obscene poses. If you can tell that another costumer is uncomfortable and having a hard time getting out of that situation, help them. Sometimes all it takes is standing between them at the other person.

5. Respect Your Own Comfort Zone: If someone asks you to pose in a way that makes you uncomfortable, firmly and politely refuse. Someone once asked if he could have a photo groping me, and I refused. He asked if he could just pretend, which I also refused, and then he agreed to take a normal photo with me. If you are having trouble getting someone to respect your boundaries, get help from other Legion members or helpers there.

Now to the poses! I have pretty much two default poses for Leia and Padme, and for some reason, I'm a bit more creative with Queen Talia.

Hands on hips with one hip a little higher than the other seems to convey Leia's sass pretty well. The bonus of this one is that it makes it hard for strange men to put their hands around my waist.

Version 2, is just one hand on the hips. Yes, I know, I'm very creative. To me, this seems a little better suited to Padme than both hands on the hips. She is a little more diplomatic with her sass.

I'm not sure why I like this one so much for Queen Talia, but you could certainly use it for other costumes too.

And now you all see why someone like me needs this thread. I'm not super inventive with posing. So, how do you pose?

In planning and progress:
Riyo Chuchi, Havoc Trooper, Amilyn Holdo, Lilac Handmaiden

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lalalorhen (Loren)
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 06, 2017 3:40 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I LOOOOVE to take pictures. And I also love to think of interesting poses whenever I am shooting at a con/event or for private photoshoot sessions.

Obviously, different cases require different degrees of... commitment - I guess, if that makes sense.
I can only speak for Padme', but I guess Leia is none that different - of course, only as far as those costumes that don't involve a variety of use of props and other stuff, which obviously can help making the pose not to appear too static-y.
I guess all those Padme's costumes that are more action-prone (Genosis, several Ep I outfits, etc..) are great for action poses, like cool blaster pose, very Charlie's Angels like (you know what I'm talking about, right?), or even for getting down on one knee, still showing off your cute blaster and stuff.

Other costumes are a real pain in the butt, though. And I'm talking about all the majestic senatorials and queen outfits. Those, I usually think of showing off the dress with good poses that allow to capture the gowns in their entirety. Most of the time, it's also hard to move around while wearing those, so just think of what you can do that makes you look proud and regal and just smile your best smile and stand tall and proud and that'll do the trick.

In my personal experience, I LOVE to pose with the Padme Lake, because photographers usually go crazy when they see all the flow and the movement the dress has. They start making me twirl and move my arms around until they get the perfect shot that has grace and movement.

This is probably the best example I got for this:

Still, if you're just standing by your stand, trooping in a small place that doesn't allow great movement, I usually just use a very disney princess-like pose, like the ones face characters have at the disney parks, with big smiles and arms streched out, to make the dress fall right.

Like this
Or this

With ep III dresses, I guess the general direction is to show off your cute bump (which everyone always assume it's real lol), cradling it in your arms whenever it's possible. Some bigger gowns are actually supposed to conceal the pregnancy, so that wouldn't count (and with those, I'd just go back to the "be regal and majestic' thing), but with the others where it actually shows it's always cute.

Nothing too special here with my Mustafar, for example (don't mind my being dumb and mixing up the gauntlets, rx and left)

Or even this one - this is an old costume which I'm re-doing and it is NOT RL approved, but I'm posting it just for the sake of the argument.

I always feel like Padme' is such a sweet character and a lot of her personality is shown in the eyes. A lot of photographer ask me to comes off as sad while posing with my Mustafar, since it's from such a tragic scene, but I always avoid it, unless I really am going for a thematic photoshoot.

And as far as posing with others is concerned - guests or even other characters, I always just kinda think of the policy they have in the disney parks - I was lucky that no one ever asked me of doing sexy poses and stuff -which I don't think I'd be okay with doing, since it's not really a Padme thing - but that's probably because I don't have a Slave Leia lol
I'm sure someone can elaborate more on this side of things, someone who has more experience with outfits that are often sexualized.

I did get a preggo-fetish request once, though lmao Although if only for DM request on my instagram. People never cease to surprise me.
"The dark is generous and it is patient and it always wins – but in the heart of its strength lies its weakness: one lone candle is enough to hold it back.
Love is more than a candle.
Love can ignite the stars.”

~ RLGS Member
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Fuzzy_Jedi_Slippers ()
Base Membership Officer

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 07, 2017 1:48 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

First off I'm not very good at posing so thank you for creating this thread. With that in mind I have to say I stumbled upon this gem of a video on YouTube and wanted to share. "Posing Tutorial" by czModelsPrague

This is no nonsense straight out posing. It moves kinda fast and looks like a dance. The "lady/elegant" section has some great "dignitary" style poses that could be adapted to Padme, Leia or others.
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Obi Anne (Johanna Nybelius)
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 08, 2017 8:34 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thank you for this discussion, I definitely have a problem posing. As Leia it's "hands on the hip" and as Amidala it's just stand up and straight with a serious face.

In our base we have quite a few Slave Leias and since the issue comes up from time to time, I would be really happy if you have advice on the best way to pose with them. This is especially when you pose with other people, since you don't want to invite people to take too much freedom in what they do.
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OfficalCath ()
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 08, 2017 9:52 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

As a slave leia trooper not only is it hard for me to know how to pose but its also hard when people dont know how to treat you, ive had people grab at me and tried to touch my bra without my consent and ive gotten in trouble for it since some think its my idea (not in trouble by EC trouble as in reputations about who i am just wanted to make that clear) and it can be hard to figure out a good way to pose in a costume like that but ive really learned more and more how to pose in the outfit and still look Leia like and good, im very happy now that we talk about it and help each other out Smile here is my favorite pose as Slave Leia
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Lora Skywalker ()
Detachment XO
Detachment XO

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Rebelthon2020 (Amount: 1)

PostPosted: Tue Aug 08, 2017 3:52 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm happy to see I'm not the only one with a lack of poses when I'm without props or people to play off. Laughing

I have two basic 'non props' poses, but I do do those pretty well.

Arms loosely down the sides, chin up. I call it my regal pose.

Hands lightly gathered in front.

If I have a child in front of me I will usually place my hands lightly on their shoulders. In other costumes I'll squat and place my hands on my knees (mainly because many can't go low in their costumes when we take group photos).

Posing with droid:

And for group costumes/group posing, there can be something said for having a straight on/semi profile thing going on.
(Windy day).

Various other poses where I play off my surroundings:
DXO of Royalty & Senatorial detachment

Detachment website:

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