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Episode 7 X-Wing project -

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Schph Gochi (Phyllis Schulte)
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PostPosted: Sat Dec 26, 2015 10:28 am    Post subject: Episode 7 X-Wing project - Reply with quote

I have this project originally posted in my "Project Pile" thread and have had a number of people asking about this I thought I would move this project to its' own thread.

There is a LOT of information here...a lot of first, second and third attempts...

Here is a photobucket album of this project that has some reference photos, drawings, photos of one of the actual costumes from the movie (it has been determined that the costume on display in NY is NOT Poe's) and photos of my build:

Now that the movie is that more people are starting to think about this costume...and also one of the costumes was on exhibit in New York, there is more information I will make some changes to the original post to reflect that.

Once again, I don't know if any of this is right...
I am not saying that any of this is accurate, canon or whatever you want to call it...
I am at this point just trying to make these pieces "look like the picture".

Where we have seen photos of is still difficult to pick out details and there has been very little shown of his back a lot of that is guesswork.

First off-the gloves.

These gloves were purchased from a gentleman in the UK and are supposed to be the exact gloves used in production. They are a police riot squad/terrorism squad glove. They are made from a heavy leather so as to protect the hands of the wearer in riot situations. I would provide you with a link BUT the source I purchased mine from only had a few and he already told me that he can not get anymore as the supplier no longer makes them.
There are a couple people here at the RL that are attempting to reproduce these exact gloves.

I have heard that other vendors are re-creating these gloves...


Next- the boots

These were purchased on E-bay. A note about the boots....I am not sure that these are right. I have seen screen grabs/and promo photos of Poe that suggest the boots might be a shorter/ankle high boot. The look of these boots does look dead are useable. A note that these are listed as warm winter are cheaply made for sure...they do have a fur lining that I think I might remove. If I do remove the lining the boots (which are already a little on the large size) will be bordering on too large, but an additional pair of socks will likely solve that problem.

Here is a link to the boots I purchased:

I wore these boots to an event recently...they are not that terribly hot. They are pretty they are a win.

The belt..

I had visions of having to make the belt by hand and putting all of those "puckers" in...thankfully I had been reading up on found pieces and the consensus is that British army belts were used and kind of turned inside out. The belts do not come in the color needed..which I am not sure is a dark or light eyes are telling me that the belt is dark gray. So that being said, the belt has to be painted or dyed.

Since the belt is nylon...dying is not going to work...they will have to be painted.

Several people have purchased "DupliColor Vinyl/fabric spray which can be found at auto supply places like Auto Zone. The recommended color was a light gray. I have purchased this paint, but am holding off actually painting it until an order for "Design Master" paint in "Flannel Gray" arrives. Design Master paints are what a lot of us use for camo painting our Endor Trooper parts. This paint is wonderful. It covers well but does not get stiff like I have heard that the DupliColor gets. Design Master is sold by Micheals but I was not able to find the color I needed so I had to order on-line. I am awaiting delivery of the Design Master...will use that on the backside to see how it covers and how dark the gray comes out. If it does not look right, I will go with the DupliColor.

Here it the belt I purchased:

Ejection harness:

You will need two roll pin buckles for the harness...I found some here:

these roll pin buckles are a gold color which is not correct...I had read that some people used a vinegar and salt solution to remove that gold color...and I can tell works great! I soaked the buckles (I had also removed the roll pin buckle from the above belt also as that one is gold) in a large coffee cup where I added some salt and then vinegar to cover the buckles completely...I had no recipe for the vinegar/salt solution..I just winged it. After leaving the buckles in the solution for about 15 minutes...that gold finished wiped right off.

This was a temporary "lay out" is all just trying to figure out what goes where and how to attach.

One thing that does have to be made is these metal pieces that go on the top of the ejection harness down the front....

This is a photo of the one that Angela Anderson-Cobb made

I believe she made hers from plastic.

I have tried cutting one of these out of is NOT going well when you are working with marginal tools. If I had access to a plasma or laser cutter...that would probably work..but a dremel and metal snips is just not doing the job...
so..I do have a piece of ABS plastic that I will attempt to make a set from and then try to heat the ABS to put the curve in and then use rub and buff to make them look metal.

Many members here at the RL have been very helpful in providing some sketches and images for these pieces. Again, I struggle with eyesight their help has been so VERY much appreciated.

UPDATE 12-26-15

The belt/ejection harness:

Someone has asked what the real length of the belt from the UK is...

the part of the belt that is 2 1/4" wide is 38" long, then there is another 14" of webbing that I cut off because I didn't need all that length.

this photo shows the completed belt and harness from the inside...with a 36" ruler setting on it

this photo shows the piece I cut off...the extra webbing that was originally used to thread through the roll pin buckle:

The finished belt is actually too large for me but I like belts to sit low.

This photo shows the completed belt and ejection harness from the outside

I did end up using the Design Master "Flannel Gray" paint and did not apply it really solidly. I used two coats of the paint and let some of the tan show through a looks kind of aged that way...

The two "metal" pieces are not metal at all. I don't have any good metal cutting tools so where I attempted to cut those metal pieces out of a sheet of aluminum, it looked terrible...
so I went to ABS....
I cut the pieces out of ABS and then used Rub and Buff to give them the look of metal. Before I applied the Rub n Buff...I used a heat gun to soften the ABS and add that curve...
hopefully...they will hold up...I have found ABS (cut from a large scrap of ABS I obtained many years ago for my TK) to be quite tough...

The flightsuit:

There has been much debate about the color of the flightsuit. I think that at this time, it would seem that the color "red orange" is what most are considering as the proper colors.

One of the things about the flightsuit is the ribbing down the arms and at the neck. I had visions of making those pleats/ribs by hand when (once again) Angela Anderson-Cobb came to the rescue when she found this orange trim that certainly looks like what they used in production...

Here is the trim:

of course...I bought problem here is that if the flightsuit is determined to be a more red color...I doubt that this trim will be able to be dyed as it is elastic...which probably won't take dye well ...if at all.

UPDATE 12-26-15

I did end up dying the trim with a Cherry Red Rit came out really good the first time BUT...when I tried to dye more of it because I had calculated length wrong...I simply could NOT get the second time around to take the dye as well....and I don't know why...

Here is a photo of the dyed trim on the left...the trim as purchased on the right...laying on top of the red/orange fabric I purchased to make the flightsuit...

Someone at the RPF found this flightsuit and said that it looked very much like the base unit that might have been used:

The problem with the above is that it is the wrong color. Where it is 100% cotton drill, it is treated with a flame one wanted to dye it, I am not sure how the flame retardant chemical would affect the dying process. You would also need to purchase 2 as you would have to cut the second one up to make the chaps part of the flightsuit.

One of the guys here at the RL posted this sketch ...which I think pretty much lays out the flightsuit well....

I also went on a mission to find fabric for the flightsuit and found (what I think) is a pretty good choice...
it is an orange denim that is not so orange as the Original Trilogy X-Wing flightsuits....the fabric for the new flightsuit is in this photo draped on top of my OT flightsuit on the dress form

The fabric is from Joanne Fabrics (I had to go to 2 different Joanne locations to buy enough....

I asked for the tag on the bolt of fabric and this is the information from the bolt:

Bottomweight solid 7oz Str Denim Orange
052 in 14306
RN 35055
70% cotton 28% polyester 2% spandex

it is a stretch denim....
would have liked NO would have been asking for too much.

I have been having issues with making my flightsuit from scratch because the only pattern I could find is not accurate in many of them being an elastic am still working with that...

The flak vest.

First off...I chose a white 100% cotton denim as the fabric...

I don't have a tutorial OR a pattern as I have been moving things around and have veered off of the original pattern many times.

I started with this pattern that I have used on anything that starts out looking like a vest...I used it as a base for Han Solo, and when I re-worked my RFT vest....

the notations on the packaging are from the Han Solo vest...but I did use view D as a start for the flak vest also.

Without going into endless detail on the 3 prototypes....this sketch from the same person who did the flightsuit sketch also helped me:

My flak vest was made in two pieces....

eventually, the two pieces were tacked together via hand sewing...

As you can see, I have sewn on some white strapping onto the bottom of the upper piece. I have not been able to get a really good idea on that part as there is not enough images of where it goes...most often the critical area is covered by Poe holding his helmet in front of it...or the arms are down and you just can't see it...the large action figure is no help.

the Rebel Alliance insignia was put on the piece using an iron on transfer...the iron on transfer did not fully work...BUT ...I rather liked the outcome as it looks a bit worn/faded. The words that appear on the vest are supposedly "pull to inflate"...and are upside down...these words were also done in iron on transfer.

The back panel was made using a low density foam...I would have preferred high density but found that high density only comes in green..which would have to be covered by several layers of fabric to mask the color and that defeats the purpose....the low density comes in white.

I started to use the same foam on the front of the vest and found that it was not working does not keep a crisp look...

note this photo...the inner piece has the ribs in foam...
and the outer piece has some pine moulding that I found that I think worked out better.

I ended up removing the foam from the inner panel and re-doing that in the wood moulding also...

The moulding was purchased at Home Depot...
it is pine...
and it is 1/4" by 3/4"

the moulding has a rounded side and a squared side...I put the squared side outward for a sharper line...channels were sewed into the fabric with a space in between...

I am this technique might not give the correct results for someone making a longer/larger vest.

Also, where I hand made the black circle thing that appears on the flak vest, someone recently found what MIGHT have been used. I ordered one of these to check the size....will post here if it ends up to be of a useable size.

I finished the flak vest but already am in the process of modifying it. I made he piece that joins the left and right side in the front a little too short. There also appears to be some sort of "mesh" on both ends...AND
mine sits too low. Initially I thought that the chestbox attached to this piece of fabric that joins the left and right side...however...a photo has been found that shows that the chestbox has a clip on the back that clips to the flightsuit and NOT the vest.

Here is the flak vest as it sits now:


I think that there are a few people starting to make the chestbox via 3D printing. The person I bought mine from is not doing another run that I know of.

The chestbox has been determined to be a light gray in color. I painted mine white....and then I just gave it a black wash/weathering so that it looks gray now..


The hose for the chest box is something I already found out is available in the UK only...and also not being shipped to the US.

leg flares...someone presented this diagram of them:


I purchased my blaster from April Storm props:

The maker did this blaster from the large action figure and is still making some adjustments to it as far as I know. It is not 100% accurate..but she does not claim that it information on the blaster has come there will probably be new sources for the blaster and I am sure the above prop maker will also do a new version.

Since it is 3D printed...I sanded mine and used several layers of a "filling" primer...then sanded some more...and then put a layer of flat black on it ....that ended up also being sanded quite a bit...

The blaster is kind of a "champaign" color.....there is a good photo of the blaster in the new visual dictionary by DK books...mine is on the way...

I am still working on the blaster and the holster...
I used the blaster to make a holster pattern...and have completed the first prototype on that....don't "love it" will probably re-make the holster again at some point in time..

I am NOT sure of anything here...
and not saying any of this is correct...
there has been no standard done for this costume yet...but it IS in the works now...


Please post here instead so that information can be shared...and what is here is all that I know for now:
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clonus ()
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PostPosted: Sun Dec 27, 2015 4:27 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Looks awesome Phyllis! Poe is my favorite TFA character. If there is anything I can help with, let me know! (Although considering that your skills are light years beyond mine, I doubt there is much I could help you with)

NSB Wisconsin State Captain
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Schph Gochi (Phyllis Schulte)
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PostPosted: Sun Dec 27, 2015 7:56 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

here is a thread at the RPF that has good information too:
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