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CANCELLED! Relay for Life! last post with updates
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neimhaille ()
Active Legion Member

Joined: 26 May 2005
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 01, 2012 2:35 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Phil is sending me flyers today for the 501st so they shpuld be here just in time Smile I will download some standard issue pieces from the Rebel Legion and see if I can get them printed tomorrow. I will leave any SWNZ paraphernalia to Matt Smile If we had an R2 Builders club I'd be promoing them too Wink

So the meeting notes for anyone who may be able to attend on the day even for short while:


Banking Instructions – please bank any remaining fundraising with your team’s coded deposit slips at the National Bank. Please complete and return the banking record and donation sheets to the Cancer Society at PO Box 1724 Auckland whenever you make a deposit to the Cancer Society bank account. We need these submitted ASAP to enable us to issue receipts and reconcile bankings.

Team Roster Sheet – to help set up your team roster. You will get team lap sheets on the day at the team captain’s meeting
(given we are a small team we may have to fill this out as we go.)

Candle Tribute Bags – bags are available here tonight for $5 each. Candle bags will also be available from the large tent in the middle
of the field at Relay

(If anyone would like one of us to place a tribute bag on their behalf please send me a PM. I know I have a few I wish to place myself.)

We will have staff on hand on Saturday from 2pm to 5pm to take fundraising at the event

T shirts and wristbands that have not already been collected are ready for collection tonight.
If t shirt swaps are required please do this within your teams.
A reminder that wristbands must be worn at all times by registered team members. No wristband = no breakfast

All tent sites will be clearly marked and signed.
All sites must be clear before Sunday 2pm.
Please stay within your tent size – all tents, gazebos, pegs, guy ropes to fit within the 10m x 6m space
No open flames or cooking permitted at tent sites
No tent pegs on any marked lines (irrigation, sprinklers etc)
Please do not remove any of your camping equipment from the field prior to the finish of Relay
Please count your tent pegs – the number in and the number out
Don’t forget to theme your tent site and dress up – prizes for best dressed and best themed
(which is why the banners would be so handy Wink And we can get ideas for next year!)

Entry to the Relay site will be from the Millennium car park
Unload your vehicles by the gate and then move your car immediately to the car park to allow other teams to unload.
Volunteers and a quad bike & trailer will be available to help you to your site.

SET UP DETAILS (Saturday 12 noon – 3.30 pm)
Set up is from midday not before. Set up must be complete by 3.30pm

Suggestions for you to have on site: rubbish bags, recycle bin (if you bring them then you can take it away please), tent, gazebo, ground sheet, camping table, chairs, chilly bins, water (limited water taps on site), white board & markers, wet wipes, toilet paper, kitchen roll, torch, warm clothes for those staying overnight, crockery and cutlery for breakfast.

Car parking will be available.
Please do not park in restricted parking spaces, or at the unloading zone once you have unloaded your car.
Parking will be signposted and volunteers will be on hand during setup times.
Please do not block any emergency access at any times – you will be towed.

Visitors are welcome to join you at Relay, however they will be asked to leave after the Candlelight Ceremony at 10pm. They are welcome to return after 7am on Sunday.
Batons will be handed out at the team captain’s meeting prior to Relay at 3pm. The batons will be logged against your team. Please ensure you return the batons to the Relay Hut after Relay finishes on Sunday.

Lap counting sheets will be given to team captains on the day. Prizes for the team with the most laps averaged by number of team members. A representative from each team to bring updated lap counts to the Relay Hut at announced intervals.
Only count the laps of registered team members.

Please advise your teams that nothing is to be emptied on the grass e.g. hot water, left over coffee, food scraps, BBQ embers etc. “Love The Grass”.

The opening ceremony starts at 3.40pm followed by the survivors` walk at 4.00pm and then the Relay. The candlelight ceremony is at approximately 8.45 pm and we will appreciate silence for this event. There will be a short closing ceremony at 10am. A full programme, including entertainment will be handed out at the onsite Team Captain meeting.

The opening lap of Relay For Life is dedicated to cancer survivors. We honour survivors for their courage, strength and victory over cancer, as they lead the way in the first lap of the event, Supporters are welcome to join them. The rest of the teams follow behind – please do not overtake the survivors in the Survivors lap of honour.

At 4.30pm (half an hour after the start) the outside three lanes will be coned to form the running lanes. These lanes are for RUNNING ONLY. Walkers, prams and strollers should use the inside 4 lanes. The running lanes will be removed at approximately 9.30am on Sunday (half an hour before the closing ceremony). This is to make room for all team members to take part in the last hour of the event.

No BBQs or cookers are to be used at individual tent sites. There will be communal BBQs available for use. While some fire extinguishers will be available if you have access to one please bring it along to assist with overall safety. Do NOT put anything onto the grass

Boiling water for flasks will be available in the building underneath the stage. There are also three taps around the track – precise locations will be advised on Saturday. Bring a black marker pen to name team members water bottles

Please advise your team members to bring a mug, dinner plate and/or dessert plate and eating utensils for each person. Breakfast is from 7am. Only registered team members wearing wristbands are eligible for breakfast.

Please be tidy Kiwis and use the rubbish bins provided. It would be appreciated if you could take away your rubbish in the rubbish bag provided to each team.

St John Ambulance will be in attendance. Your own first aid kit, especially for blisters, cuts, etc would be useful.

Please, leave valuables at home, however a small amount of cash is handy for onsite fundraisers.
Security guards will be patrolling for the entire Relay.
When someone leaves/arrives at night 2 people should accompany them to the car park

Toilets are underneath the stage, in the toilet block on the hill. There will also be portaloos available. Portaloos are not lit, a torch or lamp for night visits is a good idea. Half the portaloos will be closed for use until midnight. At midnight the toilets that have been in use will be closed, and the ‘fresh’ toilets opened.

This is not a competitive event but there will be team and individual spot prizes.
Cancer Society volunteers will be handing out a questionnaire for those team members who would like to stay in touch with Cancer Society news.
Spot prizes will only be given to those team members who are SunSmart – remember to Slip, Slop, Slap and Wrap
Event crew in purple shirts or CS vests should always be able to help you.
Please clear up any broken glass should you have a breakage.
No dogs except for registered guide or service dogs.
Please do not leave any dogs in cars in the car park.

If the weather looks bad and you suspect that Relay For Life may be cancelled or postponed we will be providing information via our voice mail system & radio. The most up to date information will be recorded on 09 308 0240 or 09 308 0169 or listen to More FM (91.Cool. The decision will be made at 10 am. Please note that we will not cancel because of rain but may do if there are high winds.


NEXT TEAM CAPTAIN MEETING, on the day at 3pm, adjacent to the Relay Hut.

We are at E8 so fairly close to the BBqs and the water and the exciting tent and activities area Wink

So things we all need to bring for our personal supplies:
Torch, mug, plate/bowl, water bottle, cutlery, sunblock, costume, civvies, deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste. Own supply of sticky plasters and any medication/splints etc. needed.

thermus flasks (I haven't been able to get hold of the giant one and it may not be a good look rocking up to the communal hot water with it anyway!) So good sized 2-4 cup thermus's (thermii?) would be good Smile.

I have plastic tumblers and "wine glasses" so will also bring a bottle of not real bubbly so we can toast at the finish and not all pass out Wink )

Rugs/ground sheets etc:
I have a woollen underlay which I may be hogging but if there is an air mattress it can go over that for any naps that are needed. It kind of looks like a Wampa skin so please don't let me get ideas between now and then.

A mix of ground cushions and seats would be great. I am sure I had some fold up outdoor chairs too.

extra ropes and tent pegs for Just In Case, to help keep the gazebo and tables grounded in case of periodic wind.

Food and drinks:
Chilly bins: I have a few cooler bags but no bin so am a bit useless there. I said I'd bring Milo and I mean that. Might be able to bring in some coffee sachet things.
Not entirely sure what is ideal for an endurance even but we want to maintain energy levels through the night so I'm thinking nibbles as most of us haven't been doing the whole marathon prep with rotating carbs and proteins Wink

Fruit juice would be good, and little sarnies and fruit I suspect.

First Aide Kit. I have a semi crappy one, but it has scissors. If anyone has a fully kitted kit and wouldn't mind bringing it that would be great Smile

Site Decoration: Anything we can do to give the tents a SW feel would be great! SWTOR has been full of tents and such at all the outposts (a lot of side opening A frame actually).
Probably not aiming for winning the best site at this stage given we have no idea of what is normal Wink
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neimhaille ()
Active Legion Member

Joined: 26 May 2005
Posts: 743

Medals: None

PostPosted: Fri Mar 02, 2012 9:11 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Due to the weather bomb about to drop (the wind is already starting up) the Relay for Life North shore has been cancelled.

As I was typing I got a personal call. It should like there might be room in the Kumeu event for a few teams so we can make a call on that soon.

Personally I'm thinking of at least volunteering to help so that we can see about next year (maybe the earlier for the slightly better weather).
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Ember ()

Joined: 11 Feb 2007
Posts: 253

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 02, 2012 9:54 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Aw no!

Though it's windy now, there hasn't been much rain at all for the last few hours and was hoping this would still go ahead...
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Farra Sti (Andrea Stout)
Active Legion Member

Joined: 06 Oct 2005
Posts: 129

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 04, 2012 1:38 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Unfortunately Sith Happens. The Hamilton event still went ahead and I walked the survivors lap with Mum as one of her supporters Smile Would love for us to have a team in the Hamilton one next year maybe.
"You were the Chosen One" Obi Wan to Anakin in ROTS
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neimhaille ()
Active Legion Member

Joined: 26 May 2005
Posts: 743

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 04, 2012 12:32 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hoping to get more ideas and more resources for next year Smile I think there will be an email tomorrow regarding options for joining with another event/team/volunteering and what happens to our tally Smile

Yeah very sad that the North Shore one was canceled but I suspect there may have been site management involvement and perhaps other parties who didn't want the risk. I know there were a lot of precautions the Auckland council took on the day.

It was super quiet were I was. We have a bit of a microclimate wedged in between the hills and the two harbours Smile
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MattG (Matt Glasgow)
Naboo Outpost CO
Naboo Outpost CO

Joined: 09 Sep 2011
Posts: 113

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 04, 2012 7:04 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

neimhaille wrote:
Hoping to get more ideas and more resources for next year Smile ...

Despite the uncooperative weather putting a damper on this year's Relay, I'd be quite keen to be involved on an annual basis, and agree that more lead time, and the little bit of planning experience and exposure from this year should make for really good future events.

On a different note, I still have everyone's t-shirts...if anyone happens to want me to post them out to them, or would like to call past to pick them up, shoot me a message.
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Anaria Zar-Rel (Kristy Glasgow)
Naboo Outpost XO
Naboo Outpost XO

Joined: 17 Apr 2004
Posts: 900
Location: New Zealand
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 09, 2012 10:19 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I was so disappointed it had to be cancelled, but as the weather got worse on Saturday, I totally understood their decision. I would definitely been keen to get involved again next year Smile

My final tally after 7 days running/walking as subsitute for the cancelled Relay 4 Life - 130.586km Smile
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neimhaille ()
Active Legion Member

Joined: 26 May 2005
Posts: 743

Medals: None

PostPosted: Mon Mar 12, 2012 5:19 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Brava Kristy! Close to 30km a day is mighty impressive Smile
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