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How to make a cheap Holocron

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Bookworm ()
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PostPosted: Sat Nov 14, 2015 4:02 pm    Post subject: How to make a cheap Holocron Reply with quote

In this tutorial I will tell you how to make a cheap holocron. This is just the way I made mine, there are surely numerous other ways to make one.
It is not perfect but... cheap.

I will demonstrate it on a Sith-holocron, because I didn't documented the making of of my Jedi-holocron that well. But the Jedi-holocron can be made in a similar manner.
Also, since the days of Darth Bane the Jedi-Temple-Archive is supposed to be the only place where Sith-holocrons are stored, although most of them seem to be copys and according to Lord Sidious the one of Sorzus Syn is a hidden spying device. So, a jedi may have access to a Sith-holocron as well Wink

They will look like this:

And a size comparison:

You will need:
transparent paper
a sturdy transparent film like that for overhead projectors
I used a special transfer-paper, that is normally used to make copys by pushing through the original with a hard pen
hot glue
paint in: black, gold, iron/silver
a batterie-powered LED-tealight in red (mine was amber)
a wooden stick like those used for shashlik
a printer
some adhesive tape
a small amount of clay (air drying is the easiest)
tiny magnets (optional)

From this list, the LED-tealight was actually the most expensive.

First I made a template for the sigill and the overall shape of the holocron-sites. Here is the file: [IMG][/IMG]
Print the first page one time on normal paper.
This will be your template for cutting the side panels at the right size.

Then print the second page one time on a sturdy paper:

Then use adhesive tape to tape a piece of transparent paper over the printed template:

Put the paper in your printer and print the page. Do this two times.
My printer obviously still didn't like it that much, if you have a better idea how crumbling of the transparent paper can be circumvented, I would be glad to hear them.
It looked like this:

I used some black ink to cover up some of the smears on the black side panels. It didn't cover up as much as I would have liked it, but it gives a nice aged look.

Use the template from the first page for the correct size and cut out four triangles from the transparent film. Glue them to the transparent papers. I used cement, but that wasn't such a brilliant idea, as it didn't adhere that well to the film. Better use some normal glue.
I marked the shape of the inner triangle with a watersoluble pen so I could position the sigill at the right place. After all was glued into place, I removed the pen markings.

Then I drew the side-panels on a heavier cardboard using the transfer-paper. Tape the transfer paper on the cardboard, then tape the size-template on top. If you trace the lines with a ballpoint pen and some preasure the lines will be transfered on the cardboard. Cut them out with a scissor and a cutter. Be careful the cutter is sharp!
Also cut out a square with 10cmx10cm sides. This will be the button piece.

Prime the pieces with black paint.

Then use gold paint with a slightly dry brush to add the metall colour. I used metal pigments and had to fix them later with a layer of transparent enamel paint but any other gold paint will do the job as well. Just use a slightly dry brush and add one layer after the other, this will give a nice texture.

Glue the transparent pieces to the cut out front pieces.

Write the aurebesh text to the panel with a small brush.

Use hotglue to glue the four panels to each other. I used first a layer of glue to stick them together, then a second layer from the inside to make it more sturdy.

Glue the LED-tealight in the middle of the square panel.
I used a piece of paper to create some sort of hinge to attach the square panel to the pyramidal shape. I also added a second piece of folded paper and some magnets as a closure but it might keep close without the magnets.

I painted the edges of the pyramid again with black and then gold colour to cover up any seams.

Paint the wooden sticks first black, then drybrush the iron/silver on top. I sticked them into flower foam for drying.

Cut the sticks to the correct size using the pyramid as a template.
Glue them to the sides with hot glue.

I then used gem glue to cover up any seams and a small amount of air drying clay to sculpture the top.

After that I again used black, golden and silver paint to cover up any seams and for some final touches. I did the same at the bottom.

And with that your holocron is finished! Turn on the light and beware of the Dark Side!


For the jedi-holocron I first cut out a typical cube-pattern. The inner ornaments were cut out seperately. All was painted in the described manner (priming with black, then drybrushing gold). I glued a blue sturdy transparent film on the side panels and white transparent paper with the circuit-pattern on the back of them.

Then glue the sides of the cube together, a blue LED-tealight on the bottom panel and some magnets on the sides for the closure. You are done!
Of course this was my first try, now I would probably make a more complex pattern.


I hope this is helpfull for all the librarians and archivists out there. Of course, it is the cheap version, you can always spend more money on a more elaborate version!

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 17, 2015 10:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Very nice tutorial. It is a fun prop. Smile

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appler4demons ()

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PostPosted: Wed May 13, 2020 2:31 pm    Post subject: Content Issue Reply with quote

None of the pictures are working.
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