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Anakin III new glove and photos
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Primrodo (Justin Monk)
Active Legion Member

Joined: 15 Jul 2002
Posts: 1724

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PostPosted: Sun May 11, 2008 10:58 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

As I said to Ariel in the application and in the previous thread I mentioned the buckles.

Primrodo wrote:

Ariel has to be judged in the same manner and the same set of standards as every Anakin before him since the new standards have been in place.

We do not expect you to have to get orginal peices for the costume but as I said there was three places to replace the incorrect glove buckles, Diego being one, Customsprops in Argentina mades fabrications and the Rubies ones which are fine as well.

I've listed the three places to get decent buckles, ranging from the cheap/best options all the way to the best.

The two things he had to correct was the extra pad AND the buckles.
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Bryanakin (Bryan Nguyen)
Rebel Legion Reserve

Joined: 05 Jan 2007
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PostPosted: Mon May 12, 2008 5:36 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

skoe wrote:
"Dear judge Diego Arevalo:
I think that there should be an official place to buy any of the parts and pieces for any of the costumes in our Legion, so all of us who don't have enough skill to make them, then have the possibility to buy them, that would help us a lot in our intends to register our costumes at this Legion, cause it's very sad for someone who does his best effort, being rejected constantly.

I like the idea, but this proposal may start breaching on our Rebel Legion mandate of "no personal profit." Individuals can offer to make and sell various props, but when you start getting into officially RL sanctioned vendors, that starts to cross the line.

skoe wrote:

Personally I dare to say that a costume can't be evaluated precisely only with some photos, cause seeing a costume in person may give you some hints of things that are not alright. I'm telling this because a personal experience; some months ago my X-wing pilot costume was rejected only because of the photos...I took them again and I was already accepted, so you can check on it on the Pilot's section at the listings.

The thing is that I attended recently an event in San Diego Cal. where I had the chance to meet another rebel pilot, who had bought almost everything for that costume, in contrast with mine, that is almost home made; we compared them with all detail, and the difference at most was only the sizes of some pieces, such as the chest box, but for the rest they were both just fine, and therefore we're both members of this Legion, and anyone said anything bad about mine... At the contrary, they gave me the nickname of "Red Baby" hahaha, just because the small size of some of my costume parts.

I understand your frustration. However, it is the applicant's responsibility to take and submit good photos. Between the LCJ and the applicant, the applicant is the only one who can control the quality and quantity of pictures submitted.

LCJs can only judge by what they see, and if they don't see what they need to, then the applicant gets denied. It may seem aribtrary and impersonal, but those are the rules. Every applicant is on notice of the costume and picture requirements.

LCJs been a bit more forgtiving in that sense by asking for better photos to be sbumitted, but LCJs cannot give a pass to what they believe to be a bad costume based on the pictures.

My suggestion is to send in pictures of the applicant standing straight in a neutral position and have the photographer take pictures of the full body from front, back, and two sides. Additional "action poses" can be submitted, but those poses can hide necessary details.

Anakin Skywalker EP 2, CW, and EP3
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padme911 (Becca K)
Active Legion Member

Joined: 21 Aug 2006
Posts: 2546
Location: Tidewater Alliance
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Rebel Legion CV Supporter (Amount: 1)

PostPosted: Mon May 12, 2008 5:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I would like to make the additional suggestion that Ariel can remove the glove and ask to be judged as a Generic Jedi which he could qualify for as formal. Then, he can work on his glove and may I suggest to visit www.sonsofthesuns.com as a resource for the buckles which has the same things that Primrodo has suggested as well as the support of other Anakins out there. As both Primrodo, Bryanakin and Diego can confirm, it takes a while to perfect the Anakin costume even though it seems very simple.
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Princess Leia Organa (Lori)
Rebel Legion Reserve

Joined: 22 Oct 2002
Posts: 5968

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Rebel Legion CV Supporter (Amount: 1)

PostPosted: Tue May 13, 2008 12:05 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ariel: I'm going to strongly suggest that you edit your application and upload pictures without your glove for approval, as well having your character name: Ariel Skywalker. The costume would be accepted as a "formal generic Jedi"

when you are ready and have modified your glove to the correct buckles. You may submit another application as "Anakin Skywalker" with new picture of the revise glove for review. This would be your second costume.

At least this way, you will be formal with the RL until you are ready to reapply as Anakin Skywalker.

I am locking this thread. If you would like to discuss this more directly, I would prefer that you email me directly at: BoushhLeia@gmail.com

Thank you

~ Lori
Rebel Legion Membership Officer
R/S Original Trilogy LCJ
BH-0937 "Boushh Leia" of Florida Garrison

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