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Ahsoka Tano Season 3-6 Visual Guide and Full Tutorial

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Ahsoka94 (Eleonora Scanu)
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 22, 2020 6:21 pm    Post subject: Ahsoka Tano Season 3-6 Visual Guide and Full Tutorial Reply with quote

Hi everyone :-D this is my new Ahsoka Tano TCW Season 3-6 costume tutorial! I've started to work on it 4 years ago and finished 1 month ago, I can be quite satisfied with it. Very Happy Let's start with the hard part:


In short, I sculpted them from 0 starting from a cardboard base, filled in volume with tinfoil and hot glue. I covered all with Chavant clay, which I calmly modeled and smoothed, obtaining the shape that most pleased me. Then I moved on to create the trivalve fiberglass mold. In my Instagram profile (@ahsoka94) you can find the tutorial here:

In that highligts story in evidence, in addition to finding all my comments and suggestions step by step, you will also find links to videotutorial posts in my feed, where in the description I explain all the things I do in the video, I link them individually here too:
1) Create a first rough shape with aluminum foil
2) How to apply plasticine on the base
3) How to remove big bumps
4) How to smooth the surface well
5) How to make the mold separation walls
6) How to apply the Gelcoat
7) How to apply fiberglass

Once the mold was finished I applied several coats of white colored latex, once dry I extracted it, I cleaned up the excesses, I colored the whole surface with other white latex and then I drew and colored the blue stripes adding also the spots Clearer as in the reference.

I take commissions on them if someone is interested :-D

Initially I made the paper pattern of the akull teeth, then I molded them with foam, I made the silicone mold, I drip the resin into it, I sand all the imperfections and I made another mold of those in resin so the next time I work on them less. I applied a primer, I colored using a mix of gold and silver acrylic paint, trying to found the right shade as per the reference and I attached them on the latex with cyanoacrylate glue.

The beads as we can see from the references are of different shapes and sizes. From the central akull teeth starts 2 rhombus beads bigger than the others interspersed with small round beads. Then there is a division into 2 tails and the first rhombus beads of each tail are smaller in size than all the others and have a round incision in the center. Then they all continue with medium-sized rhombus beads always interspersed with small spherical beads. Behind, on both sides, at the highest intersection of the blue bands there are 2 larger golden round beads. The 2 tails rejoin under the back tentacle.

On the right under the golden bead there is the padawan braid formed by medium round beads interspersed and not attached to each other. The first bead is a small rhombus bead, the last are 2 triangle beads interspersed with a small blue bead, the first is yellow, the last is red.

Obviously the color of the beads coincides with the color of the akull teeth excluding those of which I have already specified the colors. For this reason I had to hand-paint the beads of my set one by one, trying to find them of different sizes and as accurate as possible:

I take commissions on beads and akull teeth set if someone is interested :-D


As you can see from this image it is not flat, so it was initially carved in forex, I made the silicone mold, I drip the resin, I adjusted the shape by sanding and I made the definitive silicone mold. Then I put a primer, gold acrylic, protective acrylic spray transparent opaque and with other resin I attached it to a base for necklaces in golden steel, finally I tightened it to the right size of my neck so it remain well adhered and right height to my neck. I also do this on commission.


The dress is made with an elastic suede-like fabric. To find the fabric especially of this color, it took me years, in the end the member Ahsoka Freacking Tano helped me to get it directly from America because the site didn't ship to Italy, I took it to my talented seamstress @nico.muschitiello on IG, who made it perfectly tailored in double layers, so the holes and the hem didn't have seams in sight:


I bought some simple dark gray cotton leggings and took them to my seamstress to have them modified, we designed the rhombus directly on me, to avoid making the wrong measurements. To ensure that the shape of the holes does not change, she inserted a Thermo adhesive canvas underneath and in addition, on the edges as the reference, I made a border with light gray colored latex.


As we can well observe from this image the bands on the arms, the forearm covers, the gloves, the shoes and the gaiters are all made of the same material and of the same color, we notice it especially from the type of "dirt" and which vary slightly in color from the dress.
Apart from the shoes, all these pieces have been made with a 2mm foam base covered with elasticized eco-leather using super-transparent neoprenic glue, obviously starting from paper patterns taken directly on myself with scotch paper.

To the gloves, which have no fabric between their fingers, I attached the slightly darker piece of fabric that goes to cover the elbow:

H-shaped buttons are placed on the bracelets and gaiters, I made them 3D printed by @fralans3d on IG, and I colored them with gold acrylic. For the closure I sewed small snap fasteners under each button, and velcro on the entire length of the piece to help the closure of bracelets and gaiters. Finally I sewed the H buttons above and I give to all the pieces, including shoes, dirty paint with acrylic to give a worn effect.

On the left bracelet I also have the possibility to add a comlink that I made magnetic. 3D printed thanks to @fralans3d I engraved below to be able to glue the magnet and then I colored following the references

For a better description of the method you can see it in another tutorial i made:


As we can see from the references, the hexagon seems to be ivory, dirty, and have a certain thickness of about 0.7cm. I made it in 6mm Foam and with the sandwich technique I covered it with worbla to make it in hard material, after I plastered and sanded the surface to make it smooth and I colored it with acrylic, also adding the effect of dirty with a light gray brush and sponge. Behind I added the velcro.

The tabbard is in leather and was made by Phoenix leatherworking on FB, following the measurements of the pattern that I had made.
The belts are brick-colored and slightly dirted with a lighter color, these too were made with the same method as the eco-leather parts of the arms and legs, it is a single piece that is fastened in front under the buckle with velcro.
Behind the pouchette it was modeled and 3D printed by @fralans3d this is the shopping link: , I helped him with measurements and shape following the references, after which I colored it with acrylic paint matching the color of the belts and dirted in the same way,

The silver food capsules were made with worbla scraps modeling them with a hot gun.

To attach the printed hilts in 3d by @fralans3d I added 2 covertecs to the belt. But I also bought the metal ones from solo's hold which I have not yet assembled because I want to have them installed first.

For years I have been using the water-based colors of kryolan, orange for the base and white for the marks on the face. First I cover the eyebrows using mastix and theatrical plasticine kryolan, then I apply on the face the stencils that I have drawn and cut on adhesive paper. I spray the water on the orange color and with a kabuki brush I spread it well on the whole face and the skin parts of the body in sight. I remove the stencils and apply with a little brush the white. For the eyes I use a brown eyeshadow, black pencil, eyeliner, false eyelashes and lenses; for the lips I use a dark brown tint.


As we can see from the references, they are silver in color with a darker gray weathering, they have semi-tinted lenses and the slats are obviously short, reaching the Headpiece line.
To make mine first of all I covered my plaster cast with transparent film and scotch paper, then looking at the references I designed the shape considering the shape of my face. I cut out and passed on a piece of paper adjusting the shape. And then I passed it on 5mm foam.

I joined the left and right sides using neoprene glue, after with the help of a heat gun, I heated over face plaster to make a first rough shape. Then I took a piece of worbla large enough and warming it on, I let it adhere well to the foam base.
I took the paper pattern and I cut out the innermost part which will then be the raised part of the glasses and I passed it on 1cm thick foam, cut with a cutter and I adjusted the shape with dremel. I covered these pieces with worbla with the sandwich method and attached them to the base by heating and giving one last adjustment to the whole shape.
To smooth the worbla I gave 3 layers of vinyl glue waiting for the complete drying between one and the other layer. Then with a silver spray I gave the base color and once dry, with old brushes and a sponge, I dirtied everything with gray acrylic. At the end I sprayed a transparent opaque protective.
I used those of 3D glasses For the lenses by cutting them according to the shape of the hole.

And in the end this is my finished costume! Smile Sorry for my bad english, if you have doubt or answer you can write me with no problem :-D I hope you like it and that this tutorial will be usefull to someone in the future Very Happy
This costume is just approved in RL Mr. Green

Follow me on Instagram!
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bekahsoka ()
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Detachment CO

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 25, 2020 4:06 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Beautiful writeup as always! Costume is great and I’m glad to see you finally have this one Very Happy

RLGS DCO: 2020-2021
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