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[New Standard] Shaak Ti The Clone Wars

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AhsokaFreakingTano (Kelly Hawthorne)
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PostPosted: Wed May 29, 2019 8:03 pm    Post subject: [New Standard] Shaak Ti The Clone Wars Reply with quote

This will be open for two weeks to allow discussion and any revisions on June 12th this will close and be sent off for final approval

Image Gallery:
Made from latex or latex-like material to give the appearance of skin.
Headpiece must be free of wrinkles or bumps and have an overall smooth appearance.
The front Montrals have a defined indent from the middle front piece and curve up at the top towards the tips of the montrals matching references
Image URL:
The middle front piece has a defined indent from the lower Front lekku and Montral section.
Image URL:
In the back of the headpiece, the Montrals have a defined indent from the rear lekku.
The rear lekku comprises of two (2) pieces with defined indents to separate them
Image URL:
Rear Lekku overall shape must match references
The overall length of the lekku on both front and back should be proportional to the wearer and reach at least to the crotch of the wearer in the front and below the buttocks in the back.
Headpiece should be painted with color and striped matching references with all lines being solid and having no blurring or gradients between them.
Optional: a two or three-toned paint scheme on the blue to add depth and improve accuracy.
Headpiece Jewelry: Image URL:
Akul Teeth: There are a total of eleven (11) teeth in a gold/bronze color, five (5) on each side with one (1) in the center, the teeth on the side gradually increase in size and have a gentle upwards curve towards the top center of the headpiece.
Teeth must sit flush against the headpiece and have no gapping.
Center head pendant:
Head pendant is a circle comprised of a shallow curved with a smaller center dome-shaped piece. The centerpiece is a lighter gold/bronze color than the overall piece
The centerpiece has four (4) total smaller shallow dome pieces around it, two (2) on each side. The bottom of those two being slightly smaller than the top.
At the top of the centerpiece, a flat piece of jewelry connects the centerpiece to the Akul teeth and spans the full length of the Center tooth, and to the half-way point of the tooth on either side
Optional: there is fine detailing on the center pendant’s larger portion that can be added for greater accuracy.
Image URL:
Face Beads: Image URL:

From the center pendant, there is a small strand of two (2) larger beads with two (2) smaller ones in between them.
From the last smaller bead there are two (2) more of the domed pieces like the ones on either side of the center pendant, with a smaller one on top.
After the two dome pieces, the bead pendants split off into two (2) strands that comprise of the same beads from the original top strand. The first section of the strand is two (2) large beads and one (1) small one, then there is a larger round bead followed by the lower segment.
The lower segment is made of the same beads as the other strands and has a total of three (3) larger beads and two (2) smaller ones, the strand ends with the larger round bead that divided the segment.
The Overall color of all the beads is a gold/bronze color and has a matte metallic look.
The Jewelry mainly rests on the wearer's forehead with the beaded pieces ending just past the brow line where the eye sockets start.

Top headpiece and back beads:
Over the top of the headpiece between the montrals are two (2) strands of beads, in the same repeating pattern as the front face beads, that pattern is smaller beads, larger ones, and the large round one to break up the segments.
These strands start at the top of the center Akul tooth with the two large round beads and continue until the back of the headpiece.
Image URL:
At the back of the headpiece, the two strands of beads come together at the top of another Akul tooth like the one on the front center of the headpiece
Image URL:
There are three (3) total of those same teeth that make a larger triangle
Teeth sit flush against the headpiece.
Image URL:
Where the two (2) teeth on the bottom of this triangle come together there is a single long bead in a gradual teardrop shape

Image URL:
Makeup must have an overall even appearance
Natural eyebrows must be covered
The main skintone is a red-orange color
Face markings are made up of two large white ovals following the shape of the wearer's face the white covers the full portion of the wearer’s eyes
On the forehead on slightly off from center, there are two (2), one (1) per side, small trapezoid shapes in the same red-orange as the rest of the skin matching references.
White portions extend down to the top of the wearer’s cheekbones.
Lips are either a white or light grey in color

Image URL:
Dark brown in color, /skin tight garment
Undersuit can either be a full bodysuit or just the top as the leg portion is not seen and is covered by the skirt.
The top is made up of close fitting, skin tight, shirt with straps approximately 1-1.5in wide and a squared neckline matching references.
Neckline covers the bust.

The Skirt is made from Matte (not shiny) brick colored fabric.
The skirt is pleated all the way around with accordion or knife pleats or gathered, must not be flat and match references.
Image URL:
Overall length should be enough that the skirt touches the ground when standing.
The overall shape is an A-line with a slight flare towards the bottom of the skirt.
Shoes/boots must not be visible while the wearer is standing.

Image URL:
The Robe is made from a medium to heavy weight matte brown material
The cloak is open and does not close, the opening is wide enough to show the full tabard.
The hemline of the robe is curved, the curve starting where the front tabard ends and being longer in the back ends just above the skirt’s hem.
The sleeves of the robe are close fitting but not skin tight at the top, and have a gradual flare into a bell sleeve
The sleeve ends just past the wearer's wrist when the arms are by the wearer’s side.
The hood of the robe starts at the front of the robe in the mid armhole and rests over the wearer’s biceps and shoulders
In the back, the hood is wide and has an even curve all the way across.
There are two (2) pleates that come in towards the ceneter back of the wearer on the hood.
This part of the hood rests under the larger, wider portion, and should follow the overall shape of the rear lekku.

The Scarf is a wide waffle textured fabric in a mustard or yellow-brown color closely matching references.
The scarf is approximately 3-4in wide
The scarf lays under the robe but should be visible fully towards the bottom.
Scarf ends above the end of the tabard, the hem coinciding with the start point of the last repeated tabard pattern.
Image URL:,0,1280,785

Tabard and Belt
Made of leather or leather-like material and fits close to the wearer.
The main part of the belt is a brown in a close shade to the robe.
In the center front of the belt, there is a rectangular buckle that is curved to better fit to the wearer
Color of the buckle is a lighter brown color
On the left side of the belt, a covertech clip is present.
Made of leather or leather-like material
The pattern that matches reference can be carved, etched, or embossed into the material. The pattern cannot be painted there must be a depth to the pattern.
The overall shape of the tabard is wider at the bottom and smaller at the top and the width increase is gradual.
The pattern of the tabard repeats four and a half times with each repeat of the pattern getting larger from top to bottom in order to compensate for the width increase. The ‘half’ repeat of the pattern is at the top of the tabard
Tabbard should be painted or dyed the various tans, reds, browns, etc to match the references.

Arm Sleeves and Gauntlets
Arm sleeves:
The arm sleeves do not attach to the tank top and are made from the same material as the Undersuit.
The arm sleeves start just below the wearer’s bicep and continue ending at the wrist.
Gauntlets: Image URL:,0,1280,785
Leather or Leather-like material
The pattern that matches reference can be carved, etched, or embossed into the material. The pattern cannot be painted there must be a depth to the pattern.
Gauntlets are either dyed or painted in the colors coordinating to the reference in their various shades of browns, tans, reds, etc.
Gauntlets fit flush against the wearer's forearm and can’t have any visible seams, a seam with a closure on the underside of the gauntlet is allowed.

Image URL:
Black combat or engineer style boots that end just below the knee
According to the official Reference, boots can have laces, and lace studs.

Lightsaber (Optional)
A character lightsaber is required that matches the references, toys are not allowed
If bladed the blade is blue.
Hilt only is acceptable

Last edited by AhsokaFreakingTano (Kelly Hawthorne) on Sun Jun 16, 2019 11:13 pm; edited 1 time in total
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tas ()
Active Legion Member

Joined: 14 Oct 2018
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PostPosted: Sun Jun 09, 2019 7:33 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hey there! So excited that this standard is happening. I've actually been planning a Clone Wars Shaak Ti build, so this will be monumentally helpful!

I just have a few thoughts/questions. And please forgive my ignorance on the process; this is the first time I'll be weighing in on something like this. I know this must have been an extraordinary amount of work to put together! Smile

Re: Robe
There is a smaller portion of the hood present that trails down the robe to end at the same length of the rear lekku.
This part of the hood rests under the larger, wider portion, and should follow the overall shape of the rear lekku.

- I was hoping for some clarification about that portion of the robe. To my eyes, in the reference image, it looks as if the hood of the robe is simply "folded" on itself in the picture. I see where the idea that it's extra fabric in the shape of the lekku comes from, but to me it just looks as if the illustrator was attempting to draw the folds of the hood. From a straight view of the back of her robe, there is no additional flap of fabric, it's simply the hood.

Re: Undersuit, Arm Sleeves, Boots

- Will any/all of these items be removed from the standard, or listed as an "optional" item considering the coverage of the costume (long skirt, long robe, long sleeves).

- Provided the fabric of the robe is sufficiently thick/opaque, having the sleeves seems redundant, as they will never be seen while the robe is worn.

- Same with a full undersuit. Instead, it would seem like a tank top with the appropriate squared neckline should suffice, as the skirt would cover the legs of the undersuit.

- Having tall boots that end "just below the knee" seems like a lot considering the skirt is long and should cover all evidence of them. Having black lace boots (doc martens, etc) that end at the ankle would be sufficient in my mind. (especially since the skirt standard states that the boots shouldn't be visible at all while the wearer is standing)

Re: Lightsaber
- Will the accurate hilt be optional, as it is with many of the Jedi? And the requirement mainly being that it is the correct color (blue) when lit?

Hopefully all of this makes sense. Looking forward to discussing my favorite Jedi Master! Very Happy

So to address things one at a time: I can see where you're getting a fold, I can edit it to say there are 2 pleats in the hood but hood must have a tapered shape at the bottom in order to fit the rear lekku.

Undersuit, armsleeves, and boots:
they are listed because you see the arm sleeves in one episode when her cloak slips over, same with the bottom portion of the boots, the undersuit: that's the reason I said it can be seperate pieces. Regardless: they're listed on the official 360 concept and thus are being included.

the hilt will be optional (will change) but it will be a character accurate if present.
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AhsokaFreakingTano (Kelly Hawthorne)
Detachment XO
Detachment XO

Joined: 14 Oct 2015
Posts: 430
Location: Utah
Medals: None

PostPosted: Wed Jun 19, 2019 5:32 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

with no other changes or issues to be discussed the thread is now locked, standard has officially gone to vote.
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