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Invitation to join NSB for Joliet Library SW Day #4 - 6-1-13
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Leia (Vera Campbell)
Active Legion Member

Joined: 07 Jan 2003
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PostPosted: Tue May 14, 2013 8:49 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Of course, we have a big event scheduled at my work that day and I won't be able to get off :p Thanks for the invite, hope to see some pictures!

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Schph Gochi (Phyllis Schulte)
Nar Shaddaa Base XO
Nar Shaddaa Base XO

Joined: 18 Aug 2002
Posts: 12142
Location: Mokena IL
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Celebration Europe 2 (Amount: 1)

PostPosted: Tue Jun 04, 2013 2:30 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

in conclusion:
this was the Mission Report I filed:

Not your average Library event!
On June 1, 2013 NSB was on hand along with members of Dantooine Base and Mos Espa Base for the 4th Annual Joliet Library Star Wars Day.

In addition to the RL Bases, we had representatives from the Midwest Garrison, Wisconsin Garrison and Black Ice Squad, Northern Darkness Garrison, Bloodfin Garrison, Great Lakes Garrison and 70th Explorers Garrison.

We also had representatives of the Mandolorian Mercs, The Jedi Assembly and the R2 Builders.

In all around 80 costumed people were on hand at the two venues for this event. The Empire occupied the Joliet Public Library and the Joliet Historical Society was home to the Rebel Base.

We also had artists Dave Dorman, Mikey Babinski, Janine Jender, Steve Palanica and Jim Tampa.

And if that wasn't enough for you...
we also had Orli Shoshan.

I think photos are worth a thousand words....so...
rather than blah blah blah anymore...
here are some photos:

The Rebel Legion Display:

I urge you to go here to see more photos...


but sorry for the chaotic manner in which they are orgnized. As one of the 2 organizers of the costumed characters for this event...I was quite busy all day...in addition to the usual, I also was signed up as a target for SWA, our table, and a few other things...so I didn't get many photos taken for myself...so I asked if I could steal from everyone else...
we even had a Bluesmobile (shield your eyes...I am wearing my hot weather and informal Jedi costume)..

Thanks Rich for supporting my sagging body by the end of the day...it was a looooooooong two days for me..

A short video of our Star Wars Academy (my sincere thanks to RFT Steve Szyndrowski for taking the SWA over and putting it through its paces)


A video (though...as you will see it was put together by the local Chamber of Commerce so a lot of it is a big commercial....lol...) that covers only a small portion of this event.


Thanks to all our costumed folks!

Schph Gochi -TK1951 MWG- NSB Clone wars inspired Jedi
Adam Petersen TK7863 WIG Greedo - Also Mighty Mouse droid
Briana Petersen WIG Reserve Tie Pilot
Rudy Grasha BH3620 MWG Boba Fett
Matt Frysztak SL-8596 Northern Darkness Garrison - Stormtrooper
Jody McQuarters TK/DZ 6443 MWG Tusken Raider
Jim Tampa SL1020 MWG Darth Vader ANH, Imperial Crew
Rich Markle SL/TI 1781 MWG Vader and TIE
Steve Dembo TI9526 MWG Tie Pilot
Dave Klima TK 12155 MWG Stormtrooper
Javier Esqueda TK265/TC265 MWG ANH Stormtrooper/ 501 ST Clone
Kim Webster SL 8934 MWG/NSB Endor Commando or Mara Jade
Steve Szyndrowski ID3052 MWG/NSB Vader and RFT
Tom Hobson ID: 5435 WIG StarKiller
Rick Devine TK6712 - MWG - ANH Stormtrooper
Robert Hamilton CC8310 -MWG /NSB Captain Rex and a second costume tbd
Gina M. Martino SL6216 - MWG/NSB costume tbd
Mike Olson SL3193 - NSB/MWG Obi Wan (Clone Wars General)
Janine Jender TI-4838 - MWG/NSB ANH Leia
Dylan Van Horn - NSB - Jedi and/or Jek Porkins
Rich Heffernan IC8294 - 70th Explorers/Dantooine Base - Jedi and X-Wing PIlot
Ryan Summers -TK-2429 - MWG - Darth Maul
Mark Berry-TB4265 - MWG - Scout
Adriane Bean - TK-4541 MWG - Stormtrooper
Nicole VanBrooker ID 57412 MWG Juno Eclipse
Andrew Marsh - TA2079 - MWG/NSB - X-Wing Pilot
Robert Hamilton - IS9295 - MWB/NSB- X-Wing Pilot
David Obaidallah - ID4185 MWG/NSB - poss Han Solo
Kent Heath TB1692 - MWG Scout (possible royal guard or Officer)
Scott Holder- TI0373 - MWG - Tie Pilot
Steven Mammen - TK7345 - MWG/NSB - costume tbd-
Roland Batrouni -TK 4186 - MWG - TK and Tusken
Steve Racine -TK10651- Northern Darkness Garrison - Stormtrooper
Edward Krzyzowski - TI4438 - MWG - Tie Pilot
Tyler Meier - DZ50488 - MWG - Tusken Raider
Kevin Glass - TK2854- MWG - TK and R2 Wrangler-Vader if needed
Thomas Durbin - TX9293- MWG - Special Ops Red TK
Quincy Newkirk -TB9988 - MWG - Biker Scout
Kathy VanBuenengin - TK9989 - MWG- Snowtrooper or Imperial Officer
Kevin Skiera - TK-9336 - MWG - Stormtrooper
Andrew Carver - CC4724 - WIG/NSB - Commander Bacara
Chris Schwarz - SL9442 - MWG/NSB - Anakin Skywalker
Kristin Joyce - future MWG - Biker Scout
Jeffrey Wade - IC6444 - MWG - Tusken
Samantha Scholl - NSB - Arena Padme
Justin Nienow - CT9404 - WIG/BIS - Animated Shocktrooper, and possibly ANH Tusken Raider
Arturo Delgado BH0412 - MWG - Jango Fett
Patrick Klehr - applied NSB - Chewbacca
Keri Koceja - TB6629 - WIG - Scout or support
Kristen Avara -TI 7844- MWG - Reserve Pilot
Chad Collins SL6876 - MWG - Darth Maul
Vince baena TB7596 -MWG - Biker Scout
Cheryl Whitaker - TB3127 - MWG/NSB - Biker Scout
Jim Norman TK8114 - MWG/NSB - Wedge Antilles
Dan Yach DZ3057 - WIG/ Black Ice Squad - Garindan
Anna Rossmann - BH-7834 GLG - Boushh
Thomas Spanos - SL1876 - MWG - Durge
Donella Abell - ID9456 - Bloodfin Garrison/Mos Espa Base - Officer/Crew and/or Beru Lars or Leia
Brent Abell IC-21580 - Bloodfin Garrison/Mos Espa Base - Scanning crew-and/or Owen Lars
Nathan Ferraro- SL11700 - WIG - Darth Revan
Jason Rotunda - BH7938 - WIG - Boba Fett
James Upho - SL8593 - MWG - Darth Revan
Thomas Bickel - AR-27823 -MWG-ARC Commander Blitz
Erik Thompson - New Recruit - Thrawn or Tarkin
Ted Ruler -SL36285 - MWG - Black Biker Scout
Bill Holmes - TB7014 70th Explorers/Dantooine Base - Kir Kanos/X-wing Pilot
Karissa Holmes - DZ7044 70th Explorers - Female Tusken Raider
Jim DeJan -ID 3853 - MWG - Darth Sidious or Imperial Officer
Emily DeJan ID 1802 - MWG - Imperial Officer
Pat Phinney - NSB - Jedi
Phil Zeman - TC2720 - WIG/NSB - ROTJ Luke
Sara Zeman - SL3881 - WIG/NSB - support
Brian Troyan - BH-8968 - MWG - Bossk
Alex Tomasik - Gaza's nephew in Gaza TK
Chris Hansen - ID 7366 - WIG - Imperial Officer
Alan Stanford -ID 6397 - WIG - Imperial Officer
Chip Childress - SL9965 - MWG - Utapau Clonetrooper
Dan Bergeron - TK 3967 -WIG - Stormtrooper Commander
Austin Kocher - TK26210 70th Explorers - TK ANH Hero
Cherie Plevek - DZ1039 (GLG) Female Tusken
Andrew Miller - TK542 - Stormtrooper
Steve Kuipers - Handler
Rudy Hobbs - potential new recruit who has offered to be a handler/photographer
Cherie Plevek - DZ1039 - GLG - Female Tusken
Andrew Miller -TK542 - MWG - TK No Stripes -
Robert Redden -CC-5206 - MWG/NSB Commander Cody
Bradley J. Miller - new recruit-working on TK-from Rantoul IL-worked all day at the SWA!
Tom Schaefer TK118 - MWG - Imperial Crew
Austin Schaefer - future recruit - MWG - Royal Guard
Cherri Krzyzowski - TI 4026 - costume support
John Hartley - Nar Shaddaa Base - Jedi lightsaber demo
Nick Klein - NSB- Jedi lightsaber demo
Jason Stoxen - NSB - Jedi
Tim Jarmusz - NSB - Jedi
Thomas "Crix" Turner - MWG/NSB Endor Commando/Crix Madine

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Gius Maximus (Rich Heffernan)
Legion Council
Legion Council

Joined: 24 Dec 2009
Posts: 1436

Medals: 2 (View more...)
Philippines Typhon Relief (Amount: 1)

PostPosted: Tue Jun 04, 2013 7:37 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

We had such a great time and you guys did a wonderful job! I know things got a bit crazy, but it went over extremely well. I really look forward to next year's event and we'll hopefully get you some more rebels up there. Very Happy
Rich Heffernan
Rebel Legion Administrative Council

501st - IC8294
70th Explorers Commanding Officer
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Schph Gochi (Phyllis Schulte)
Nar Shaddaa Base XO
Nar Shaddaa Base XO

Joined: 18 Aug 2002
Posts: 12142
Location: Mokena IL
Medals: 11 (View more...)
Philippines Typhon Relief (Amount: 1)

PostPosted: Tue Jun 04, 2013 8:17 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Gius Maximus wrote:
I know things got a bit crazy,

I knew the job was dangerous when I took it..

Very Happy

I just wish I had more time to hang out during the course of the event and get to talk to everyone a little more..

ah well...
as long as everyone had a good time...
that is the best reward...


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