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KyleKatarn's Hoth Trench Trooper

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KyleKatarn (Alex Townsend)
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PostPosted: Sat Sep 14, 2019 4:08 pm    Post subject: KyleKatarn's Hoth Trench Trooper Reply with quote

Here's my Hoth Trench Trooper so-far.

The pack, rifle and belt pouch are still a work-in-progress, but I thought I'd fully finish the rest of the parts and submit, then add the extras later since there's examples of troopers without each of these items. I plan to build the backpack separately and submit it later once I can source or make an appropriate pack frame.


I made this about 4 years ago for my Hoth Hangar Trooper costume. It's basically the same hat as worn by Luke, Han, Derlin and the regular Hangar Troopers. The ear piece I scratch-built out of a couple of old ADSL filters and various scraps.

The scarf is a new one I've made, as the standards call for tan or black for this costume, as opposed to the brown one I had on my Hangar Trooper.


These are not an exact match for the screen-used ones, which were made by a company called Swan. However, they are from the right 70s/80s period, and are pretty damned close. The main difference is the rectangular holes along the inside top edge, where the originals had circular holes.


This is the first new part I needed. Not hugely difficult to make, but just lots of little parts which have to be put together in a specific order. Took quite a lot of thinking to figure out the order to make and sew the parts together, but seems to have turned out reasonably well.

O quilting! I love you soooo much . . .

The shoulder yoke section does not completely cover the front, and actually drops down in a kind of V-shape where the collar is. You can see in the reference photos that the quilting does not appear in the V-neck behind the vest:

This picture is not great, and this configuration of trooper never appears anywhere in the movie (no vest, and RFT belt?!), however the lack of vest highlights the basic shape of the shoulder quilting on the front, and is a useful reference for that reason:

The lower edge of the quilted section is also not stitched down on the front or the back. You can see in the last pic where it lifts up a bit on the front, and is clearly lifting on the back here:

Backpack vest

This resembles a life-jacket and is worn around the neck. The lower sides fasten with straps around the back, and there is an adjustable connecting strap between these and the back of the neck.

2 buckles hang either side of the centre back strap, and these are the connecting points for the hardpack. The lower vest straps are designed to thread through the lower pack frame, keeping the hardpack securely in place. The buckle straps are stitched onto the outside of the vest, rather than being part of the construction.

There is some top stitching either side of the neck, which resembles the padding on Sandtrooper/Death Star Gunner pauldrons. With this in mind, I used my Gunner bib as a rough guide for the shape and size of the vest. I had to extend the bottom a bit more, and bring the shoulders in to try and replicate the look of the vest more accurately, but the Gunner bib was a good guide and I was happy with the pattern I got from it:

It's padded inside with an old fleecy baby blanket which seems to have worked quite well.

4 grenades are attached to the lower right section of the vest front. These were 3D printed for me by another member.

The rank badge on the left side of the vest is larger than the standard Hoth badge (as worn by Luke, Han, and various other characters). This was scratch-built from styrene and scraps.

Unlike the other Hoth jackets and vests, this one doesn't feature any window pockets, and the badge and grenades are just attached to the front. For this, I was very thankful!

There are two loops which hang from the front lower edge, through which the pistol belt is threaded. As with the rear buckle straps, these are stitched onto the top of the fabric, rather than inside the seam.


This is a 2-inch white strap, with a rectangular silver buckle. The obvious choice was white webbing, however it looks more like a soft fabric belt and features parallel lines of stitching which run the entire length of the belt:

I decided to have a go at making a fabric belt from the same material as the shirt and vest, and I'm quite pleased with the results. I simply used a long strip of fabric, then folded and stitched it onto itself a couple of times. Finally I ran it through the machine along the length to replicate the stitching lines:

The buckle is a standard military buckle, of the type used on parade and ceremonial belts, with a circular greeblie in the centre. There has been some speculation that the greeb is the same as the ones found on the Imperial Snowtrooper belts, but this comparison pic shows it is a little different:

I put mine together from some scraps, and it seems to be quite close to the reference.

To the wearer's right are two fabric loops which hold grenades. I scratch-made the grenades from scraps


This is a soft fabric holster with leg strap, which hangs from the belt by two loops. Either a DL-21 or DH-17 can be used, and they are seen variously seen with the grips pointing forwards or backwards. It was pretty easy to make up, using my DH-17 as a size guide.


These were scavenged from another member's parted-out Hoth Han costume. I dyed them tan and the colour seems to have come out quite well.

Gaiters/shoe covers

Again purchased from another member.


The standard welding-type gauntlets, white with grey cuffs, as worn by pretty much all Hoth Rebel characters. The wrist comm on this is larger than the ones worn by Luke, Snowspeeder pilots and officers. The same comm can be seen on a few Hangar Troopers and Technicians, but is mainly found on the Trench Troopers.

So this lot is in for submission, expecting rifle in next few weeks.

After that it's the tan belt pouch to make, and the real work will be the hardpack.
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 23, 2019 4:15 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Looks great Trooper. Nice Goggles
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krystrom (Dubos)
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PostPosted: Sat Oct 10, 2020 1:54 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

superbe réalisation , chapeau !!!

Moi même, j'ai attaqué ce costume il y a un mois

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G'nott sH'urr (David Campbell)
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 11, 2020 9:50 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

This looks so good! I really do need to find the time and inclination to get mine done. The thing that really holds me back is the boots, and I need to make my own with my monster landing gear.
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