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[New]Rogue One Orange X-wing Pilot (Red,Green,Gold Squadron)

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PostPosted: Sun May 31, 2020 11:40 pm    Post subject: [New]Rogue One Orange X-wing Pilot (Red,Green,Gold Squadron) Reply with quote

This rewrite is based on the current Blue Squadron X-wing standard where component match, forum discussions, and rewrite guidelines. All feedback and recommendations are welcome. Please provide reference photos or reasoning for your change if possible. I will update this first post with changes as they are discussed. Thanks for the help!

Standard Name: Rogue One Orange X-Wing Pilot (Red / Green / Gold Squadron)
Primary Detachment: Starfighter Command
Submission Date: 
Existing Standard URL: 

Front Image

Back / Second View Image
Source: Movie Still
Character Description
Red Squadron, Green Squadron, and Gold Squadron served as part of the Rebel Alliance's starfighter corps during the Galactic Civil War. They helped engage Imperial ships above the planetary shield and defend the Alliance fleet, in order to buy time for Jyn Erso and the Rogue One team to steal plans for the Galactic Empire's new top secret battle station, the Death Star. Although the Alliance suffered heavy losses, including all Rogue One members, and commanders of both Alliance Starfighter Command and the Alliance Fleet, General Merrick and Admiral Raddus, respectively, it was considered a minor Rebel victory as the Tantive IV managed to escape with the stolen plans. (Source: Wookieepedia)

Required Items

Flight Suit
Required Details
• Orange one-piece flight suit/coveralls
• Fabric has a slight sheen  (such as acetate or bomber silk) with sufficient weight to create a puffy look
• Front zipper is hidden by a strip of the same material as the flight suit
• Rectangular pocket with a horizontal rectangular flap closure on upper-middle of wearer's right arm 
• There is a rectangular code cylinder pocket with diagonal corners on the wearer's left sleeve with slots for 4 code cylinders 
• Collar closes at the front
• Collar is padded and has a horizontal orange zipper along the sides and back to create the appearance of a hidden hood.
• Commpad pocket on left sleeve with an open“window” sits above the wrist and is made of the same fabric as the suit
• There are two chest pockets with curved openings that wrap around the sides of the torso, one on each side
• There are two upper thigh pockets with curved openings, one on each leg
• The wearer's right front thigh has a cargo-style knee pad pocket with a rectangular frame at the top and a bottom flap with orange webbing pull tab
• There is an orange vertical, rectangular pocket on the wearer's left front thigh approximately 4"/10.2 cm tall and 2.5"/6.35cm with a vertical orange zipper
• Rectangular shaped pocket on the lower portion on the outside of each leg with orange zipper at the top
• There is an orange vertical, rectangular pocket at the center of each leg that reaches down to the bottom of the pant leg with a vertical orange zipper
Optional Details
• Collar closes at the front with two snaps
• There are two grommets on the front of the suit with pull strings through them at the waist
• Right front thigh cargo-style knee pad pocket has a side pen pocket

Code Cylinders (Arm Tools) in left shoulder pocket
Required Details
• There are three code cylinders with one of the middle slots empty
• Code cylinders are metal or have a metallic silver appearance
• Cylinder heads showing should resemble screen accurate representations ***** UPDATE TO COME

Flak Vest
Required Details
• Flak vest consists of a front and back panel made of off-white or beige material that is ballistic nylon or similar fabric
• It is contoured to fit over the chest and back where the two panels are of a similar shape and size
• The two panels are connected together by straps approximately 2”/5 cm over the shoulder
• The flak vest is proportional to the wearer
• The bottom of the panels are approximately even and cover the chest extending approximately 3"/7.62 cm past the armpit
• The panels cover approximately half of the torso with significant flight suit visible between the belt and panels 
• Both panels have a series of horizontal ribs created by inserting 0.25″/.65 cm tubing (or similar sized material) through fabric tubes prepared for the tubing.
• Ribs are separated from each other by a space that is the same width as a finished rib
• The two panels connect at the bottom sides with straps of 1” webbing similar in color to the vest using a strap adjuster style buckle
• Front Panel:
      - The top of the front panel sits just below the collar
      - There are two equally spaced rib sat the top (near the collar)
      - Immediately below the two top ribs,there is a flat wide area with approximately 8 horizontal rows of top stitching that is approximately 0.25″/.635 cm apart, for a total of approximately 2”/5 cm of flat area
      - Remainder of front panel contains a minimum of 8 ribs that continues to the bottom edge of the front panel
• Back Panel:
      - The top of the back panel sits approximately even with the top of the front panel
      - The back panel has approximately 13 equally spaced ribs at the top proportional to wearer
      - There is a gap approximately 1.25”/3.18 cm with a track for webbing and the center open showing approximately 4"/10.16 cm of webbing
      - There are 2 ribs below the gap
Optional Details
• Back panel webbing has a strap adjuster style buckle

Chest box
Required Details
• Gray rectangular box made of a hard, smooth material 
• There is a silver hollow disc, approximately 0.6"/0.15 cm in diameter at the top of the chest box
• Left side of box has a black vertical rectangle with small vertical rectangle cutout on the left side
• There is a white 0.125"/0.318 cm pinstripe border off center to the right
• The rectangle has 2 white, acrylic or similar material 1"/2.54 cm square buttons at the top inside the pinstripe
• There is a metal or metal-like silver round disc with cone knob, approximately 1"/2.55 cm in diameter, centered vertically on the black rectangle and off center to the right horizontally
• There is a metal or metal-like male silver snap, approximately 0.5"/1.27 cm in diameter, vertically below the knob and centered horizontally
• There is a white 0.125"/0.318 cm pinstripe square in the upper right of the chest box
• The square has 3 acrylic or similar material 1"/2.54 cm square buttons with white in top left, and blue on the right top and bottom
• There are 3 rocker switches below the square.
• The rockers are white, gray, white in order.
• White rockers have a black dot centered on the top portion of the rocker
• Gray rocker has a black dot centered on the bottom portion of the rocker
• Rocker switches have separation between them
• There are 2 channels in the grey box below the white rocker switches 
• Approximately 1″ – 1.25″/2.5-3 cm diameter ribbed grey hose. One end attaches at the left-bottom of the chest box and the other end connects to the wearer's left side of the suit above the belt with a black elbow joint
• Chest box is secured around the collar and the back with olive webbing straps
• The strap around the collar has void of fasteners
• The strap around the back has a silver or black “strap adjuster” style buckle in the back and is worn under the flight harness
• Excess strap is either trimmed or otherwise tucked to present a neat appearance
• The bottom edge of the chest box sits approximately 2-3"/5-7.6 cm below the bottom edge of the flak vest

Ejection Harness
Required Details
• Made of gray pleated elastic strapping that is approximately 2”/5 cm wide
• Front and back straps extend up the torso under the flak vest with the attachment hidden by the flak vest
• The lower part of the harness falls (or loop) just below the inseam (or crotch area)
• Two loops of strapping are connected to the front-back strapping at the lowest part of the front-back loop and loop around each leg

Required Details
• Belt is a British PLCE or accurate replica belt dyed medium or dark gray
• Worn inside out
• Silver roll-pin buckle in the front center
• Silver-grey webbing loops approximately 1”(inch)/2.5 cm are sewn on left and right sides divided into five loops on each side. The loop webbing is a lighter color than the belt

Rogue One Commpad
Required Details
• An accurately-styled Rogue One specific commpad 
• Visible in the commpad pocket of flight suit

Required Details
• Black gauntlet gloves in a heavy fabric, suede, or suede-like material
• The gauntlet has five to six lines of pleated stitching going all the way around
• There are four wider pleats on the top of the hand with the first three pleats that are closest to the fingers being the same size but smaller than the lower pleat, which is wider
• There is a small strap attached on the inside top of the wrist behind the thumb

Glove Commpad 
Required Details
• White thin rectangular base with teeth on the upper edge, triangular slope, and a red screen or mesh in the center of the slope
• Attached to the gauntlet of the left glove and positioned with the teeth facing to the wearer’s left (little finger side of the hand)

Leg Flare Holder with Rogue One Specific Leg Flares
Required Details
• The holder is olive drab or charcoal gray in color and is made of webbing or fabric
• Running the center of the holder is a thinner strap of the same material sectioned off into eight loops
• Each holder loop contains a leg flare
• Leg flares are silver in color
• Each leg flare is cylindrical in shape, starts off narrower at the top, has a wider portion at the middle, and narrows in at the bottom. Each has a wide ring, and then narrows once again to a flat end
• Holder wraps around either lower leg and is fastened together in the back
• The zipper pocket and flight suit at the bottom of the leg is visible below the holder 

Required Details
• Boots are black leather or leather-like
• Boots are approximately mid-calf high pull-on style with low heels
• Boots are void of laces or ankle buckles.  Buckles ate the top of the boots are acceptable if covered by blousing the suit legs to hide it
• Black zippers may be visible on the inside of the leg

Optional Items
Your costume must have at least one of the following items:
• X-wing pilot helmet with accurate style and decor. Original Trilogy or Rogue One variations are acceptable.
• Six to ten belt flares that are silver air line hose connector fittings or replicas of similar shape and detail to fit in belt loops. A mix of empty and filled flare loops are acceptable with no more than five flares per side. They are shorter than the width of the belt.

Reference Gallery
Starfighter Command Membership Officer

Send Photos: (Include Squadron/Base/Outpost, Event, Date)
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