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Sana Starros Standard Proposal

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kwinchell (Katherine)
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 02, 2018 12:34 am    Post subject: Sana Starros Standard Proposal Reply with quote

Hello! This is my first time writing a standard, and while I have read through the new standard format as listed here (, I'm sure there's still some things I didn't catch in it. This isn't a costume I'm thinking about making for myself, but I really enjoy Sana's character and I hope that in creating a standard it will be easier for someone else to make the costume.

1. Front Image

2. Second View

3. Character Description
Sana Starros was a human smuggler from Nar Shaddaa who was an associate of Han Solo, Dr. Chelli Lona Aphra, and Lando Calrissian. She had past romantic relationships with both Solo and Aphra, and later worked with Solo again to aid the Rebel Alliance.

4. LCJ or BMO judging
I feel that I am not qualified to decide if this costume requires LCJ or BMO judging because I do not know the criteria that decides whether a costume may be judged locally vs. at the global level.

5.-10. Required Items

(I apologize that my numbering starts over here)

1. Jumpsuit
a. Black full sleeved jumpsuit of low to medium sheen material.
b. There are two optional seams on the front sides of the jumpsuit. They are seen in a few reference images, but not the majority of them.
c. The jumpsuit zips in the front with an invisible zipper.
d. The jumpsuit should be loose enough for a wide range of motion that would be required for the daily life of a smuggler.

Additional Jumpsuit Reference Photos:

2. Poncho
a. Medium green to dark green material.
b. Material should have a concentric diamond shaped pattern with optional additional chevron shaped geometric line patterns.
c. The body part of the poncho is well fitted and should come down somewhere between the low chest and the small of the waist in the front, and falls slightly below the natural waist, only slightly above the sash. It makes an upside down “V” shape in the front under the cowl/cape.
d. The cowl/cape part may or may not be attached. It falls slightly above the knee in the back, and comes down to somewhere between the low chest and the small of the waist in the front.
e. The poncho has sleeves that come down past the elbow and is fairly fitted
i. There may be a second looser overlayer of the sleeves that stops at the shoulder.
f. The collar is a cowl.
i. The cowl may be stiff enough to stand upright, or not. There are references for both versions.
g. The poncho has several different configurations depending on the comic artist. Any variations should be based on a single or set of reference images, and should not be “mixed and matched.”

Additional Poncho Reference Images:

3. Sash
a. Sash is made of the same material as the poncho.
b. It may be asymmetrical and wider on your right side.
c. There should not be visible seams on the outside of it.

4. Belt and Holster
a. The belt and holster are in a similar style to what we see on other smugglers, such as Han Solo.
b. The belt is very dark brown or black leather or leather like material.
c. The belt has two vertically stacked Chicago screws on your left hip
d. The belt buckle is a flat disproportionate octagon of buffed silver metal.
e. The belt connects to the buckle at three points.
f. On your right side, the belt has two vertically stacked Chicago screws on both the top belt, and the holster strap.
g. On your right front, the top belt has a dark grey rectangular object with two circles on it, and a small square leather pouch that matches the belt in color.
h. The holster is the same type and color of leather or leather like material as the rest of the belt.
i. The holster also attaches to your right leg with a thin strip of the same leather/leather like material.
j. The holster goes down to a little above the knee.
k. The holster closes with a snap and strip of leather. The strip of leather is thicker than what attaches to the leg, but thinner than any other width of the belt.

Sash, Belt and Holster Reference:

5. Gloves
a. Color may be gold (but not metallic), pale yellow, or reddish brown. Gold is preferred as that is the most common color in the comic series.
b. Gloves have a very wide cuff and may have a slit in the cuff. Gold, pale yellow, or white gloves should be suede or a similar soft thick material. Reddish brown gloves should be suede, leather, or a leather like material.

Gold Gloves References:

Reddish Brown Gloves References:

6. Boots
a. Gold but not metallic. Light brown is also acceptable if it has a yellowish undertone. If both the gloves and boots are gold, the golds should match or be very similar.
b. Should fall between the mid-calf and knee
c. Should be suede or a similar material
d. May be a little loose and baggy, but not overly so.
e. They should be largely unadorned. Zippers are highly discouraged, but if you must have one it must be on the inside of the boot.

Boots References:

7. Hair
a. Hair is dreaded or worn loose and natural.

Hair Reference Images:

Loose and natural:

11. Optional Items

8. EE-4 Blaster
a. Other blasters may also be accepted if reference images can be provided.

Blaster References:

9. If hair is dreaded, two gold dread rings may be worn on a large dread on the right side

10. If hair is dreaded, green dread wraps may be worn on several medium sized dreads.

Optional Hair References:

11. On your left front belt, there may be an optional black cylindrical comlink.

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