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Viewing costume :: Ra'vik Ran-Corvik

Character Profile

Ra'vik Ran-Corvik
Jedi Master/Guardian
Member:  Hopfot (Scott)
Rebel Legion Reserve
Tatooine Base
Character Name:  Ra'vik Ran-Corvik
Costume Type:  Jedi
Species:  Zabrak
Jedi Master/Guardian
Lightsabre Color:
Guardian Blue

Character/Costume Description

Born on the Zabrak homeworld of
Iridonia in the Year of 4 BBY. Raised
only by his farther, Ra’vik Ran-
Corvian never knew his mother. For
the first 14 years, all he knew of his
mother is that she died during an
anti-Imperial riot held in response to
the the Empire's dislike of non-
human species.

Growing up Ra’vik showed
exceptional intelligence and
determination in anything he applied
himself too, even for a Zabrak. He
was also top his martial arts class,
extremely efficient in hand-to-hand
combat. Always seeming to observe
his opponents' body language and
stance and capable of countering
with the correct defensive or
offensive move. His only drawback
was he would sometimes become
emotionally involved in his duels
making mistakes when relying on
his anger for strength. Anger fuelled
when an opponent takes a moment
to mention his dead mother.

At the age of 16, during a martial
arts demonstration attended by the
Iridonia New Republic Senator,
Ra’vik duelling long-time rival, Lok
Bukk, who had learned the true fate
of Ra’vik's mother. Lok planned to
use this knowledge to his
advantage, by enraging Ra’vik into
making a mistake. When Lok had
Ra’vik in a hold he revieled that
Ra’vik's mother was infact a Jedi
Knight in hiding from the Empire.
Lok then informed him that he
heard, she was hunted down and
killed, but "before she died she
begged like a starving monkey-
lizard with a meal dangled other it's
head". This enraged Ra’vik and
Lok's plan now backfired. Ra’vik
threw Lok across the arena with no
effort at all. He then reached out,
pulled and pulled Lok back to within
only a meter short of him without
any physical contact, it was now
apparent to all in the arena that
Ra’vik was powerful in the force.
And was quickly apparent that Lok's
life was in danger as his feet lifted
from the floor and Lok grasped at
his neck, trying to pull away at
something that wasn't there. Ra’vik
stood with an expression of rage on
his face and an outstretched hand to
Lok forming a fist, closing tighter
and tighter. Quickly Ra’vik was hit
with a blaster set to stun, knocking
him unconscious and freeing Lok
from his grasp.

The Observing senator saw that
something had to be done to ensure
Ra’vik would not fall to the Darkside
and had him introduced to Luke
Skywalker at the Jedi Praxium on
Yavin IV. Here Ra’vik eventually
learned to control his rage and
anger. But not before an accident
during a lightsaber sparing session
with another student caused him the
loss of sight in his left eye. Ra’vik
became enraged whilst sparing with
a blind student who sensed his
darkness and mistook him for a sith
ambusher striking at him to kill. The
session was stopped by a Jedi
Master. With this injury Ra’vik
eventually learnt the ability of Force
sight, allowing him to see even
more without his blind eye.

Now Ra’vik is a Jedi Knight serving
the Jedi Order as a Guardian,
usually deployed into the field when
negotiations with a lightsaber are


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