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Viewing costume :: Ani-Chay Pinn

Character Profile

Ani-Chay Pinn
Member:  ardavenport (Anne Davenport)
Active Legion Member
Ra Kura Base
Character Name:  Ani-Chay Pinn
Costume Type:  Jedi
Species:  Human
Lightsabre Color:

Character/Costume Description

Informal variation on Jedi costume;
black raw silk headband, tunic and
pants, brown boots, black belt,
reddish brown tabards and black
and brown obi.

Ani-Chay Pinn was expelled as a
padawan from the Jedi Temple just
before the outbreak of the Clone
Wars. The official reason given was
a lack of seriousness in her use of
the Force. Unofficially, members of
the Jedi Council might admit that
they had no other choice of action
after an unfortunately public incident
during an official Republic function
at the Temple (though Ani-Chay still
maintains that Master Windu
laughed when Senator Malast's hair
blew up.). Senator Malast did not
find the incident funny and he
pursued the maximum penalty for
the culprit with the tenacious malice
of a seasoned politician. Ani-Chay,
being a typical Jedi Padawan, had
'fessed up to the deed as soon as
the inquiry started. Sadly, this
meant the end of her life as a Jedi
apprentice. Despite her acceptance
of her fate, the expulsion was fairly
traumatic; on the Council's orders,
her grieving master dismantled her
lightsaber before her and then gave
her a ticket off planet.

Some considered her a possible
candidate for reinstatement in the
Order later because, "the Dark Side
would never have her," but the
Clone Wars pushed that item to the
bottom of everyone's priority list.

None of the Jedi Council considered
her offense to be serious; she
replaced a covered serving dish of
steamed buns with Xacid jumping
pods, one of which (when uncovered
and free to cause havoc) knocked
over a pitcher of red tea, which
tipped over a floral centerpiece
which landed in the middle of a
flaming dessert, causing it to catch
fire, sending up a shower of sparks,
one of which landed on Senator
Malast's elaborate and regrettably
flammable hairdo. But technically
she had poisoned the food at the
banquet arranged by the Senate
caterers. The argument that one
would need to catch one of the
Xacid pods and bash it with a heavy
object (many times) to get at the
insides to eat it (leading to a severe
case of diarrhea) was not given any
weight in Senator Malast's inquiry.

Her former master, Jedi Knight
J'hart Stoan was fairly broken-
hearted that he had failed his
padawan. He had tried to assume
responsibility for the deed because
he'd complained loudly about the
excesses of the Senate caterers in
the Jedi Temple, along with many
other Jedi, including members of the
Council. His guilt was officially
accepted and his official punishment
was to lose his padawan.

Knight Stoan was killed on Genosis
in the opening battle of the Clone
Wars. Senator Malast was himself
imprisoned and then executed soon
after Chancellor Palpatine (also
known by his Sith identity as Darth
Sidious) proclaimed himself
emperor and destroyed the Jedi
Order. Having migrated to the Outer
Rim with a generous severance
package (generous by the standards
of someone who had lived a
monastic life of Jedi privation up
until that point) from the Jedi Order,
Ani-Chay was unaccounted for when
Palpatine purged the Jedi and
established the Galactic Empire.

Working and acquiring skills from
various day jobs over the years,
she refrained from showing any
public Jedi-ness because even she
could see that it wasn't very popular
anymore. However, privately, she
maintained her skills with the Force,
so when the Emperor finally went
down (a cataclysmically happy
event that even a lapsed Jedi
apprentice on the Outer Rim of the
galaxy could sense) she popped
right back into Jedi mode and
assumed the rank of Master,
"Because there's no one left alive to
tell me I'm not." It is unknown what
the Jedi of the New Republic would
make of this peculiar Jedi variant
outside it's borders, should it

There are two distinctive features in
Ani-Chay Pinn's Jedi style. The first
is the rather obvious 'lightsaber
trick' of holding the hilt of the
lightsaber up to one ear and having
the blade emerge out of the other
one. The origin of it goes back to
Ani's time as an initiate at the Jedi
Temple. There were many tedious
and 'character building' exercises
that Jedi masters assigned to the
initiates. One of Ani Pinn's tasks was
to sort through a four-hundred year
accumulation of old lightsaber
focusing crystals. All of the ones
that were truly useless and broken
had been discarded by the droids,
but there still remained a residue of
hundreds of others that might still
be useful. Pinn had to meditate over
each one and test it in a practice
saber for hours to pass judgement
on its disposition. But there is only
so much of turning lightsabers on
and off that anyone can take before
looking for a little variety, especially
for a task that lasted years, well into
her apprenticeship to Knight J'Hart

Ani-Chay Pinn's variation was to
discover that a little, well-placed
squeeze with the Force on the
focusing crystal would cause a
lightsaber blade to focus and
emerge above the hilt of the saber.
This is actually fairly bad for the
crystal and can cause it to crack,
but since the crystals Pinn was
working with were questionable
already, no one noticed the losses
caused by her practicing this
technique. Even with little
differences between crystals, she
eventually learned how to
compensate for their variations and
Force-squeeze them all with a
minimum of breakage. She
managed to extend the gap between
hilt and blade to be as wide as her
head, thus leading to the visual gag
of having the lightsaber blade
apparently emerge from her ear.
She had shown her trick to Master
Stoan shortly before her expulsion
and almost gave him a heart attack
when she demonstrated it, but he
laughed it off later. He had refrained
from telling anyone else about it
until he learned how to do it himself
without breaking his own lightsaber.
Depressed about the loss of his
padawan from the Order, he had not
perfected it before he was killed on
Genosis. Ani Pinn also learned even
more damaging ways to squeeze
the crystals, making the blade curve
or bend at right angles, leading to
some really good looking
maneuvers where she would appear
to deflect lightsaber blades with her
bare hands. But the lightsaber-
through-the-head trick remains her
signature move.

The second aspect of the Pinn Jedi
style is that all its practitioners wear
hats. No one knows why.

Ani-Chay Pinn has one 'Jedi-purge
story' that the curious may ask her
about at their own risk. A few years
after the purge and the Empire had
firmly established itself, one of Ani's
occupations was performing as a
back-up musician for a night-club
band despite the fact that she has
no natural musical ability at all (this
being the type of band where that
was not very important, but this
being the sort of job where showing
up on time was). Two Jedi fugitives
had tried to lose Darth Vader and
his contingent of storm trooper
clones in the crowd, but were still
caught backstage between shows.
Just as Vader prepared to
dismember the wounded Jedi, Pinn
abandoned her triangle and, in a fit
of preposterously rampant idealism,
took up one of fallen lightsabers
against the Dark Lord.

She was quite out of practice and
had never been top of her class in
lightsaber fighting anyway even
when she was in shape for it, so this
was a massively bad idea. But just
as Vader was about to dispatch this
new annoyance, the band manager
distracted him, giving her enough
time to do her 'trick' on his Sith-red
lightsaber. So, after what he thought
would be the fatal slash, Vader
stared at his uninjured opponent,
then held up his saber and uttered a
memorable, 'What?!' at the huge
gap in his blade, thus giving Ani-
Chay Pinn the chance to leap up and
get in one huge kick to the control
panel on Vader's chest. She
grabbed the injured Jedi and
escaped (even battle-hardened from
the Clone Wars that squad of
troopers still couldn't hit anything,
they'd always relied on their
numbers to get the job done). But
even with his breathing apparatus
disabled, the Sith Lord still had
enough strength to take a good
swipe at the fleeing fugitives with his
lightsaber, leading to Ani-Chay
Pinn's 'battle scar'. Asking her about
it only leads to a chance for Pinn to
drop her pants and moon the
questioner, because Vader was on
his knees and 'I was running away
at the time.' It was years later
before Ani Pinn discovered why
someone suddenly yelling, 'Hey,
Ani!' would make Darth Vader turn
around at that crucial moment when
he did.

Costume: brown undershirt, black
silk noil tunic, pants, headband,
brown (cotton blend) and black (silk
noil) obi, brown cotton blend
tabbards, black leather belt with
hanging brown and black cloth
pouches, sink-pipe lightsaber, brown


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