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Viewing costume :: Tic-Ja Faila

Character Profile

Tic-Ja Faila
Member:  Jedi Master Tic-Ja Faila (Jakob Lau Smith Tice)
Active Legion Member
Rogue Base
Character Name:  Tic-Ja Faila
Costume Type:  Jedi
Species:  Human
Lightsabre Color:

Character/Costume Description

The green represents his loyalty to his Corellian heritage. The black is in memory of his dealings with the Dark Side of the Force.

Few Jedi have fallen to the Dark Side of the Force...even fewer have come back from it.
As the Clone Wars drew closer to an end, Jedi knights from all across the galaxy were sought for to aid in the fight against the Separatists. Mace Windu traveled to the Star System of Corellia to specifically search out former Jedi Knights Tikris and Lafa Faila. Previously they had decided to retire from the Jedi Order and raise a family together, which had they lived under the Code they wouldn't have been permitted to do so. Upon his reuniting with them, Mace for the first time saw their baby son, Tic-Ja. Because of the boy's parents, the Force was especially strong with him. So strong, in fact, that Mace himself began to second guess if Anakin Skywalker was really the Chosen One. There was no time to discuss training and the need for experienced Jedi knights was so great that the couple decided to temporarily leave Tic-Ja with a close friend, a widow named Grishna Masp. Unsure of the young infant's future, Mace also left behind a database that contained all he would need in order to learn the ways of the Force and survive. Before Tikris and Lafa left with Mace, Grishna herself was charged with making sure the boy reached his potential.
None of them ever returned.
No child could have hoped for a better mother figure than Grishna. Having no child of her own, Tic-Ja received her full and undivided attention. In addition, she kept her word. Mace's database was more than adequate to train the young Padawan, who if he were the Chosen One, would need special training. To protect the boy, Mace made sure that Tic-Ja first learned a skill even few Jedi Masters could do proficiently, the ability to soul-shade. Soul-shading was a Jedi's ability to prevent other users of the Force from sensing their presence. It was the same skill Mace had used to sneak up on Count Dooku and his party at the battle of Genosis and it was the same skill Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda used ( in addition to hiding) in order to prevent the Emperor from sensing their whereabouts. Young Tic-Ja himself would come to rely heavily on this ability as he grew.

The Empire's rise to power mirrored the Padawan's increased abilities. One example was in his lightsaber training. Most Jedi choose just one specific lightsaber technique to defend themselves. Mace provided all of the known lightsaber techniques in the database, assuming that the boy would choose from among them the one that suited him best. When it came time to train with the weapon, young Tic-Ja decided that instead of learning just one, his options in a fight would be so much greater if instead he mastered all of the techniques. Thus the Padawan progressed from a boy to manhood, convinced of the fact that he was the Chosen One. He eagerly awaited for the chance he would get to use his skills against the evil Empire. Grishna counseled him to remain patient, that his chance would come soon enough, and when it did he would know it.
The Empire's reach still touched him though.
As the Imperial Army spread over the star systems in the galaxy, a number of Corellians decided to ally themselves together to fight against them. Grishna and Tic-Ja were part of that group, who went under the title of The Corellian Ghosts. One day they ambushed the Imperial outpost nearest the group's base camp. Both the widow and her adapted son did their best to help their countrymen, but in the end all but Tic-Ja were slaughtered. Now, he thought as he caressed the lifeless face of Grishna for the last time, Now is the time. In a fit of rage he destroyed the entire Imperial base, a decision that proved to be doubly foolish on Tic-Ja's part. In doing so he attracted the Imperial Army's attention even more, which resulted in the arrival of more troops. The second reason was that he had unknowingly tapped into the Dark Side of the Force for the first time to get his revenge. Tic-Ja thought it best to remain in hiding, which he did so with his ability to soul shade and by disguising himself, another practice he would use throughout his life. He was still unsatisfied with the presence of the Empire on his home planet, so he set out on a one-man mission to secretly annihilate the Imperial forces on Corellia.
Tic-Ja succeeded in his mission.
Rumors of "the Corellian Ghosts" spread throughout the ranks of the Imperial Troops both on and off the planet, but in the end the Emperor treated them as just that: rumors. For his part he could sense no one on the planet that could wield the Force. In addition, Corellia seemed of little significance that ignoring the planet seemed the best option for the time being. The Imperial Army was only too happy to limit their presence rather than become prey for the Corellian Ghosts, which in reality were just one man. Nevertheless, Mon Mothma and those who thought like this used the Empire's lack of presence to form the Rebel Alliance on Corellia. Tic-Ja Faila was secretly present at the meeting where the Corellian Treaty was signed, but disagreed with the some of the Alliance's decisions. Rather than attack the Empire with frontal assaults, a practice he knew to be dangerous from what happened to the first resistance group he had joined, he decided that striking them from the inside would be the best option. He knew that such a position was risky, so he made the decision of seeing the idea through on his own. By now he was so used to appearing only in disguise that what he did next seemed easy for him.
He would join the Empire.
Unlike his skills with the lightsaber, Tic-Ja's piloting skills were lacking. However, his marksmanship was excellent, and it paved the way for him to become an Imperial Assassin. This was most advantageous, for it meant that he could work alone and avoid suspicion. Tic-Ja was able to exploit his opportunities of gathering and sending information and he played a crucial part in revealing to the Rebels exactly where the Death Star plans could be obtained. Never once did he let up on using his ability to soul shade. By doing so he drew closer and closer towards his main target...the Emperor.
Tic-Ja Faila did all he could to remain anonymous and help the Rebel Alliance at the same time, but Grishna had taught him to set high goals for himself. He wouldn't rest until the Emperor himself was destroyed, whom Tic-Ja believed to be the author of all his troubles. There was of course the obvious problem of the Emperor's protection. Tic-Ja wasn't too concerned with his guards. He was, however, concerned about the Sith Lord, Darth Vader. He came to the ultimate decision that it would be best to get rid of Vader first, thus robbing the Emperor of his favorite leader. Eventually his opportunity came. He had tracked down Lord Vader to Bespin and was ready to attack, but he was prevented from doing so by a sight that made him question whether or not he was the Chosen One...
...another Jedi.
From his hiding place Tic-Ja watched a young man close to his age fight the Sith Lord. Though the young Jedi wasn't as well trained as he was, it was painstakingly obvious that the Force was very strong with him, perhaps even stronger than in himself. Rather than interfere he felt it best to observe. Unfortunately, the Jedi lost the dual. It was at this time that Tic-Ja saw for the first time the Dark Side's powers being used. Instead of facing Vader, he felt it wise to learn more about the Dark Side before confronting him.
His opportunity came back.
After learning about the second Death Star, Tic-Ja Faila set out to confront both Lord Vader and Emperor Palpatine. It wasn't fear or anger that was his motivation, but the power of the Dark Side was now much more prominent in his actions. Vengeance was on his mind and his targets were the master of the Sith and his Apprentice. Again, he was prevented from annihilating his targets by the same Jedi he had seen in Bespin...Luke Skywalker.
By this time Tic-Ja was well aware of who Skywalker was and what he meant to the Rebel Alliance. After the destruction of the second Death Star, he felt enraged at being denied the opportunity to complete his self-given mission. This was the most conflicting period of Tic-Ja Faila's life. On the one hand he was happy for the Rebellion's victory. On the other, his thirst for revenge remained. However, now his hatred was also aimed at Skywalker, of whom he was most envious. He withdrew himself from the Rebellion in order to avoid the famed Jedi. It was in this state that he was most susceptible to the Dark Side, a state that was taken advantage of.
The Emperor was back.
Sensing Palpatine's reemergence, Tic-Ja cautiously decided to investigate his lair on Coruscant, in hopes of later killing him. For the first time in his life he let down his guard of soul-shading, using himself as bait for the Emperor. It worked only too well. A pulsating storm full of the energy of the Force emerged. After it approached him, Tic-Ja willfully entered the storm to find himself transported to Byss, where for the first time in his life he confronted his worst enemy. The resurrected Emperor seemed most pleased with training his new apprentice, who in turn was equally pleased in finally learning how to wield the powers of the Dark Side. At first he would play the eager student, intent on murdering his master later. But, little by little, Tic-Ja forgot about his vengeance and dove into his training and was given the Sith title of Darth Boemis. His joy was short lived when he realized that Palpatine was after a different target. Boemis' bait had worked too well, for Palpatine had mistaken him for Skywalker. Upon realizing his mistake Palpatine continued to act as if he really wanted Darth Boemis to become a Sith, only to abandon him when Luke Skywalker finally appeared on Byss. In order to make sure of his destruction, several clones, endowed with the power of the Dark Side to be hosts of Palpatine, were sent to destroy him. In the fighting that followed, Boemis began the toughest ordeal of life, wielding powers from the Dark and Light side of the Force in order to defeat his foes. In the end one battered, nearly-dead figure wielding a lightsaber remained...Tic-Ja Faila. Mustering his remaining strength he set out to confront the real Emperor for what he was determined to be the last time. Again, he was denied his revenge, Palpatine was already dead.
Luke Skywalker had interfered for the last time.
This last interference jolted Tic-Ja back to his senses. He realized that his revenge was complete because he had finished what he had set out to do. The clones were the Emperor's only chance of survival, by killing them, Tic-Ja's lust for vengeance was relinquished. In addition, his hate for Skywalker was gone. Tic-Ja realized that it was because of Vader's offspring that Palpatine's grip on his life was cut off for good. At this pivotal moment he remembered the true mission of the Jedi: he vowed to serve the cause of those in need, instead of using the Force for self gratification. It dawned on him that whether or not he was the Chosen One made little difference, either way, balance to the Force had been achieved.
In his converted state, he made up his mind to finally meet Luke Skywalker face to face. He caught up with him at Yavin 4 as he was scouting the ruins of the Massassi Great Temple. Luke appeared to mistake Tic-Ja for a Sith, for without giving him a chance to speak, he attacked. Skywalker's skills in the Force may have exceeded his own, but Tic-Ja was not to be outdone in a lightsaber dual. With the skills of a Master of the Force, Skywalker was disarmed. Instead of fulfilling his old desire to kill Luke, Tic-Ja was shocked to sense that he should let his opponent live. For the first time he restrained himself from dealing the killing blow, but offered the defeated his weapon. To his surprise, Skywalker greeted him by name. He admitted to knowing about Tic-Ja through the use of the Force, and his attack was in actuality a test of his skills. The resentment that existed between the two disappeared from that point forward.
Luke admitted that Tic-Ja's mastery of the lightsaber was beyond any Jedi in history, and invited him to be an instructor at the Jedi Academy. As the New Republic's Jedi recruits grew in number, Tic-Ja Faila was eventually given the rank of Jedi Master. Some of his most noted students were Luke and Mara Jade Skywalker, Kyle Katarn, and the Solo children. He stressed following the Living Force when in combat. His most famous quote was "You yourself will never decide how you fight. Your opponent will determine how you fight."
His philosophies about combat were controversial to some, but made complete sense to others. None could deny, however, that Master Tic-Ja was good at what he taught. One experience consisted of a hot-headed recruit disagreeing with Master Tic-Ja and his philosophies. He insisted that planned, powerful attacks were the best way to go and challenged the Jedi Master to prove his philosophies. Tic-Ja agreed and calmly got into his fighting stance. The recruit wasted no time in reaching for his lightsaber, only to find it was gone! He heard its ignition and looked up to see it pointing at him in the air. When asked how he did that, Master Tic-Ja simply replied, "I knew he was going to use it, so I took it away from him." Some Jedi were wary of him because of his experiences as a Sith. To them, Master Tic-Ja taught "What one does with the Force will determine who he is."
A Jedi doesn't look for adventure or excitement, by nature they just come to him. The next adventure came with the invasion of the Yuuzhan Vong, which interrupted all training at the Jedi Academy. Preferring to work alone in the New Republic, Master Tic-Ja Faila, drawing on his experience with disguise and espionage, became involved in a one man mission to secretly strike at the Yuuzhan Vong in their center.

He hasn't been heard from since.


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