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Viewing costume :: Lann Forn

Character Profile

Lann Forn
Member:  Lann Forn (Leighton Wolfe)
Rebel Legion Reserve
Elstree Base
Character Name:  Lann Forn
Costume Type:  Jedi
Species:  Human
Lightsabre Color:

Character/Costume Description

Full Name: Lann Forn

Rank: Jedi Master

Class: Consular

Race: Human
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 3,949 BBY
Age: 3,927 Physical: 245
Hair: Brown
Skin: Caucasian
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'8

Place of Residence: Telos IV

Place of Birth: Dantooine

Relatives: None

Enemies: Order of The Sith, Erisian
Empire, Empire in Exile

Allies: The New Order of The Jedi,
The Galactic Republic, The Galactic
Federation of Free Alliances

Occupation: Jedi/Grey Jedi

Appearance: Battle Worn, Seasoned

Fashion of Choice: Light Brown Jedi
Masters Robes

Armor of Choice: None

Weapons of Choice: Single Bladed
Sage Lightsaber with a Synth

Special Abilities: Jedi Mind Trick,
Force Push/Pull, Force Heal, Throw
Lightsaber, Battle Meditation

Alignment: Light/Grey

Motivations: Peace, Emotion

Outlook: Realistic

Religion/Philosophy: Jedi

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Positive Personality Traits:
Compassionate, Honest & Protective

Negative Personality Traits:
Impulsive, Forward & Seclusive

Affiliations:The New Order of The
Jedi, The Galactic Republic, The
Galactic Federation of Free Alliances

Hobbies: Literature, Philosophy &

Personal Ship: The Enduring Spirit,
Consular-Class Cruiser; Equipped
with Cloaking Device, Sensor
Jammers, 4 Trubo Laser Banks, 2
Concussion Missile Bays & Class 2.0
Hyperdrive Rating

Fleet: A Just Cause, 3 Acclimator
Class Assault Ships, 2 Venator Class
Cruiser, 3 Hammer Head Class
Cruisers, 6 Consular-Class Frigates,
2 Republic Light Assault Cruisers, 8
Frieghters and 1 Invincible Class
Heavy Dreadnought The Endavour.

Details: Master Consular of the Old
Jedi Order,
not respected as much by the
as they considered him Grey.
Disappeared shortly before Order
unknown whether he died or lives to
this day.

Born on Dantooine in 3,949 BBY he
was taken into the Jedi Order at a
young age and proved very well
connected to the force and was
knighted as a Consular of the Jedi
Order after many years within the
order came the Mandalorian wars in
which against the Jedi Order he left
to pursue the Mandalorians to
secure peace within the galaxy
however Revans turn to the
darkside he disappeared still
keeping contact with the order they
considered him a fallen Jedi
however his allegiances still lay with
the light he found the Order of the
Grey Jedi accompanying them on
many en devours but not becoming
fully one of them. after many years
of civil war and deliberation the Jedi
Order re accepted him back into
their ranks as Master and was
tasked to preserving the knowledge
of the order and the force so was
stationed to Telos IV Secret Jedi
Academy. He then took command of
a small fleet of ships to command
and protect the temple and the jedi
order which he has remained hidden
during the conflict. This fleet he
gathered from the remnants of the
republic that fell and the ships that
remained after the fall which now
lay themselves loyal to Master Forn
and only his allies. He Reappeared
10 years before the beginning of the
Clone Wars it is unknown how he
has managed to survive for over 3
Milennia but was found Adrift in an
Abandoned Hammerhead Class
Cruiser in a low orbit of Rattatak
and is unknown how he came to be
there he has no recolection of any
memories after Revan disapeared
and after the Jedi Civil War, it is
presumed the force itself held him in
a timeless state until he was
discovered 3 Millenia later when he
awoke. he was later reinstated on
the Jedi High Council.


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