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Viewing costume :: Ennth Vos

Character Profile

Ennth Vos
Jedi Master
Member:  Daritha (Christian)
Rebel Legion Reserve
German Base Yavin
Character Name:  Ennth Vos
Costume Type:  Jedi
Species:  Kiffar
Jedi Master
Lightsabre Color:

Character/Costume Description


Raised during the Yuuzhan Vong Invasion, Ennth Vos was the apprentice of Jedi Knight Darr Tah. The young Kiffar was knighted in the year Coruscant fell (27 ABY), shortly after losing his Master to a deadly Voxyn on Handooine. His Master bought him time to flee the planet back to the Maw. There, he reported the incident to Mastes Kam and Tionne Solusar. For the time remaining, he was mostly on guard duty in the Maw and saw action just for a brief period of time in 29 ABY. He was hastely knighted by Jedi Master Tionne and send out to Coruscant as one of the Jedi who participated in taking back the old capital world from the Yuuzhan Vong. He fought with the soldiers of the Galactic Alliance, the successor state of the old New Republic. He saw murder, bloodlust and cruelity along this way. He was afraid and confused. Wheren't Jedi be supposed to keep peace? But how one can keep peace when he do such evil? Wasn't this the way of the Sith the Masters of the Order - even his Master Darr Tah - always warned their students about? After the war - just like Jacen Solo did - Darr went into the galaxy, searching for answers to his questions. Finally, after three years of absent, he showed up again on the Jedi Academy on Dathomir. There, Master Kirana Ti takes care of a young Mirialan Ennth has taken with him. Ennth then take a flight to Ossus. There, he talked to the Masters and reported what he had experienced: A galaxy in peril. People who just want to forget the horror of the war. Whole planets a slaughter house in the aftermath of the war. Starvation, desperation and fear. Ennth now understood why the Jedi where supposed to kill others, like the Yuuzhzan Vong during the war. To prevent those normal people from this. They were granted with a great gift - the ability to use the Force. The could see things others couldn't. This way, they are the one-eyeds among the blinds. But they don't take the lead, the blinds must learn to walk for themselves. The Jedi are just supposed to keep harm from the blinds. This words of wisdom were finally the ones that granted Ennth a student of his own - the young Bran who was a natural talent and overwinged Ennth very quickly - and finally the rank of a Master. Ennth was just in his late 20s at the time. Thus and his young appearance often lead to misunderstanding that he's still a Knight or even a student. When he's adressed as one he don't bother to correct it. In his mind, the Jedi are all equal. The ranks within the order - as sentenced by Grand Master Skywalker - are just a reminder of the experience one individual has. But even the most aged and wisest Masters can learn from a young Padawan with a fresh mind.


Formerly designated as a male Mirialan Jedi, this Jedi was made on a short amount of time; in comparison to my other costumes (e.g. in less than a year). It take me just over a month to sew everything. Of course, I had three weeks of holiday during this time.
Since the all-face make-up wasn't nice to my skin, I reduced it to a simple line below the eyes. (Green markings are canonical for Kiffar, too.)
The costume has many details that can't be seen in the taken pictures. The undergarment is sewed in a special way which is covered by the tabard. And I'm very proud of the stepped tabard and some other details.

In May, 2010 I redesigned the belt and hope to take some pictures of it during the event in Taunus Wunderland 2010.


50 (pants)
+100 (original Jedi boots + shipping = 120 )
+50 (fabric for tabard, belt, undertunic, wraps)
+ 20 (leather for pouches)
+70 (fabric for robe)
+100 (Master Replica lightsaber)+10 (belt)
+10 (belt clip)
+10 (armband)
= 420 (total)


Pictures on other sites









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