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Viewing costume :: Obi-Wan Kenobi

Character Profile

Obi-Wan Kenobi
Jedi Master / General
Member:  Jedi Yar-Nala
Active Legion Member
Great Lakes Base
Character Name:  Obi-Wan Kenobi
Costume Type:  Jedi
Species:  Human
Jedi Master / General
Lightsabre Color:

Character/Costume Description

The breakdown...

The costume: Captain Carter's (www.captaincarter.com)
Having stepped away from the costuming world, she has for years been recognized as one of the top costumers for screen accurate costumes... Having approached her 6 months ago she made all that you see.

The chocolate brown undertunic with a double collar, beige crinkle outer tunic (with shoulder tucks), tabbards (extending only to waist in back) and obi sash. She also lined the outer tunic with a silk lining... very smooth and silky ...just like the original.

This is interesting.. because it seems to be one of the most debateable things and hard to replicate piece of the costume to make. The wool is called Melton... and is only found overseas now (the wooling mills in the US have discontinued it). On the COW (crazyoldwizards forum), Diego (aka theRebelAgent)... Diego was able to locate a wool fabric that was imported to Argentina from Uraguay that seems to have the closest color and double sided texture that the original ROTS robe had... the reference? In the Limited Edition of the book, Dressing a Galaxy, there were fabric swatches of various costumes through out the saga.. INCLUDING the fabrics to Obi-Wan's ROTS costume... and therefore the robe.
Here is the comparison:


Now he didn't have anymore left to sell me... but he did send me a swatch to match fabric here in the US. Captain Carters then went to work... searching and searching for months... finally sending me 7 swatches that were the top candidates... the robe I wore., reflects that... a beautiful Robe, with wonderful drape, as accurate a color as to the one on screen and a very rich material WITH shoulder tucks...

mustared/medium colored Khakis

Reddish brown leather boots with spats, knee high; 1 strap at ankle.
There have been different versions over the years... MotorCowboys....Diaz... come to mind. I've seen Motorcowboys version in person... the color was off.. and the leather not right... through COW I find this guy in Peru... Daniel (jdos_p on eBay)... the reviews on the COW were great... his was the most accuate, in color, fit, Plus that buttery soft leather that we've all been looking for... PLUS he made mine convertible to switch between the different Episodes... by making the top 3 straps removeable.

Here is my review of the boots:

Reddish brown leather belt with smaller inner strap held by 8 silver button studs and silver buckle.
Diego ....being the king of details makes the most accurate belt and pouches, so of course I wen through him for those...
The buckle, is a Parks Saberkit Buckle... which will do until I get the more accurate one being made through Diego...
The pouches (fully functional: 1 Comlink Ribbed Pouch, 1 Mechanical Ribbed Pouch , 1 Small Pouch, 1 Hook Pouch, 1Obi-Wan Leather pouch, 2 sets of his Jedi Food and Energy Capsules (These capsules were made with the Staedtler� Liquid Star 324 roller ball pen cap ( same as Liquid Point 415) and a hemispherical acrylic dome from Plastruct Inc.; the same material as the originals. )


Aquabreather A99: Nocturne Armory (www.nocturnearmory.com)
There are two versions of this...the on screen version, and the one that is on the travelling Starw Wars displays... I chose the on screen version.

Comlink: Raptor Arts (Raptorarts.com)
I added the correct antane pins on it (part number M39029/5-115 connector pin)

Holoprojector: (Modeleers from theRPF)
An AWESOME piece to the costume... the details on this are amazing ...especially the backside!!!

Covertec Clip: TheCustomSaberShop
Same as the original

Parks MKIII converted by LDM... this is cool too... since it is a fully functional saber WITH a thin neck AND a Crystal chamber. It sort of is a hybrid... since it has the bubble strip to make it sort of like a New Hope saber too...swappable with a mirrored circuit board from TFXstudios in Australia...to make it more ROTS...... The copper neck gives it a more ROTS look to it too.

Here is the thread with these specs:

MY review wwith the ROTS additions:

Hair: medium cut and parted from left to right

Beard: Fake and attached with spirit gum


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