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German Base Yavin members       
Viewing costume :: Darr Tah

Character Profile

Darr Tah
Jedi Knight
Member:  Daritha (Christian)
Active Legion Member
German Base Yavin
Character Name:  Darr Tah
Costume Type:  Jedi
Species:  Human
Jedi Knight
Lightsabre Color:

Character/Costume Description

Darr Tah is a typical farmboy from the peace-loving planet of Artorias. He dreamed about his glorious future as a hero for his planet and the galaxy. One day, a outsider came to the family's farm and introduces himself as Jedi Master Kyle Katarn. He sensed the Force inside Darr over a long distance and came to this remote world to find another Jedi. Darr assumed his glorious future to be now but he realized soon that the dreams of hope and the reality of pain are very near to each other.
Nontheless, he began his training at the Jedi Praxeum on Yavin 4 until the invasion of the alien Yuuzhan Vong. When they conquered Yavin 4, Darr was one of the students to be evacuated into refuge; first at Booster Terrik's Errand Venture, then into the Maw. Over the time, Darr slipped more and more into the role of a teacher for the younglings, rather than to be a student himself. He bound very tight with a young Kiffar called Ennth Vos which finally was apprenticed to him. The Order was despaired, so Darr was made a Jedi Knight - maybe before his time.
More and more Jedi were killed during the war, either by glory-seeking Yuuzhan Vong warriors or by the deadly Voxyn. However, the Maw was safe during the war and the training of Ennth take most the time of Darr. But during a regular support flight Darr and Ennth were attacked on the planet Handooine. Ennth managed to flee in the ship but Darr sacrificed himself to fight a Voxyn and get Ennth the time he need. Darr Tah fell on Handooine, killed by a Voxyn, a bio-engineered killer-beast to hunt down and exterminate the "Jeedai". Dozens of Jedi fell to this threat ... as Ennth's Master did. For this noble action, Darr was always remembered well by his student and his honor was kept high by Ennth.

Behind the Scenes:

The Story
This costume was made a long time ago. It roots back to 2007 when I made the robe and the most part of the costume. I attended with the costume at the Jedi-Con 2008 but was not very satisfied with it at that past stage. In 2008 I began with a costume for Starkiller (the protagonist in "The Force Unleashed" videogame). In 2009 I was almost finished with the costume but some parts were still not completed. When I was waiting for the parts to be shipped my old Jedi costume came in my mind again. Since some friends of mine admired the Jedi robe a lot I was start to thinking and finally put some effort into it and finished it.

The crafting

I actually never crafted the costume as a whole. The robe, shirt, and pants are relicts from an old project which I dropped in 2008.

So far I remember, the robe was the most challenging part of the costume. The tabard was relatively easy to made, as for the belt parts. I scetched the different parts on paper and get as many reference pictures as I could get; mostly of Obi-Wan Kenobi from the Prequels since there's a lot of good material. I used the instructions from Padawan's Guide (www.padawansguide.com) to finish the robe and later the tabard.
For the robe iself, I began learning sewing. As additional pieces, I sewed a little pouch for the belt and a v-neck for the shirt.

The Bill
(Since most of the buyings are years by now I calculated with estimated prices.)

50 (pants, shirt)
+100 (original Jedi boots + shipping = 120 )
+20 (fabric for tabard, belt)
+70 (fabric for robe)
+100 (Master Replica lightsaber)+20 (belt)
+10 (belt clip)
>370 (total)


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