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Viewing costume :: Baum Verrill

Character Profile

Baum Verrill
Member:  Bantha (Bill)
Rebel Legion Reserve
Great Lakes Base
Character Name:  Baum Verrill
Costume Type:  Jedi
Species:  Human
Lightsabre Color:

Character/Costume Description

Baum Verrill was born 15 years before the Trade Federation blockade, and subsequent invasion of his home world of Naboo. Like most Jedi, Baum Verrill was discovered at a young age. An Ithorian Jedi master, Kawsak-Fo, felt Verrill’s presence in the force while collecting plant specimens and data regarding the predator/prey relationship between the Zalaacas and Kaadu of the Gungan Swamp. Sensing, and then investigating this strong presence in the Force took a higher priority over collecting rare plants and taking notes on Kaadu.

Verrill’s parents were Shaak ranchers of meager resources. The proximity to the dense forest and marshy ground of the nearby swamp proved to be less than idea for the struggling ranchers. Rund and Luca Verrill were more than happy to accommodate the alien Jedi master when he asked to take their youngest far away to Coruscant to be trained as a Jedi. This invitation meant one less mouth to feed and not having to deal with a toddler who had the tendency to make things move when he cried or became angry. Baum Verrill was taken to become part of a larger world.

Baum’s training was not uncommon to that of other Jedi Knights. The only exception being his bond to his old master, this bond was uncommonly strong, and caused some concern among the council. Like his old master, Baum felt that the greatest expression of the Force was through the natural world. Because of his passion for the natural world, Baum was sent on many research expeditions throughout the galaxy, and was instrumental in breaking up many interplanetary smuggling rings involving exotic animal and plant species. Notably, involving the illegal trade of Nexu among the crime lords of Malastare and the discovery of the Climbing Tauntaun on Hoth. Many entries in the archives regarding alien flora and fauna, both living and extinct, can be attributed to the research of Baum Verrill and his master. Baum was easily angered, straying too close to the dark side some would say, by what he saw as the flagrant mistreatment of the exotic species throughout the galaxy. This anger and frustration would only increase with the violence of the Clone Wars.

Baum preferred trudging through murky swamps or the dense jungles of alien worlds over the sterile, and corrupt world of politics. What Baum possessed in an understanding of the natural world he lacked in negotiation skills. This was the only point of contention between himself and his old master. Due to his lack of patience for political posturing and distaste for corrupt politicians, the council felt it best if such missions were left to other members of the order who had more finesse in such situations.
His quiet demeanor and respect for the indigenous cultures he encountered earn Baum the respect of most of the species he encountered, most of all the Mon Calamari and the Gungans of his home world. In the case of the latter he was able to broker a deal that stopped expansion of Shaak ranches that would have produced runoff that would have been hazardous to the development of Fambaa embryos.

During most of the Clone wars Baum lead a small detachment of the 327th Star Crops. Like most Jedi, he was troubled by the conflicting priorities of maintaining the republic and the sanctity of life. He was more troubled, angered, by what he saw as the wholesale destruction of the fragile ecosystems he had come to love. When the Republic lost contact with the 182nd Legion Baum was sent to investigate with the 501st. He was amazed by what he found. Not only did the planet of Felucia play host to massive fungal life forms, but massive animal, some sentient, life forms as well. There he found a large nest of Acklays. He had no doubt that these had been left behind by smugglers who, no doubt, had taken the Acklays from their native world to be sold to crime lords and interplanetary despots for their execution arenas. The climate and steady supply of Gelagrubs proved to be enough for these foreign species to take hold and flourish in this exotic ecosystem. Baum Verrill found himself leading a small detachment of the Star Corps when Order 66 was issued. He was leading the team to investigate the validity of stories regarding a massive sarlacc know as the Ancient Abyss. It was at the mouth of this beast that Baum Verrill was gunned down by the Clones he trusted thus becoming a part of the living Force.


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