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Viewing costume :: JangWaal Amum Kiell-Ter'ra

Character Profile


JangWaal Amum Kiell-Ter'ra
Member:  Jedi-Priest of Mandalore
Archived Member Profile
Character Name:  JangWaal Amum Kiell-Ter'ra
Costume Type:  Jedi
Species:  Human
Lightsabre Color:
Green (First Saber Utilized Blue Blade)

Character/Costume Description

Costume Description
Additional Photo

I. Jedi Attire/Accesory Description*
*(The Costume is Based On one of the Nameless Jedi Knights That Fought Bravely In The Execution Arena of Geonosis, Episode II, Attack of the Clones, picture courtesy of Bryanakin)
A. Dubbed the "Standard Temple Style, Jedi Knight, Dark Brown All Purpose Weight" Tunic and trousers, Kalla's Jedi Attire is made of a simple twill cotton fabric, with the tabbards in a cotton/silk blend to slightly contrast in the texture of the main material. It is the standard Jedi "Day Uniform" style worn by most Jedi in the Galaxy albeit the dark color, though also worn by other Jedi of the Old Republic, is also in tribute to the color of the robes worn by Ordained Chalactan Priests.
B. The utility belt is a custom handcrafted "bantha" leather construction, with circular belt buckle worn by Chalactan "Temple Keepers", with leather pouches just big enough to hold provisional rations, first aid kit,long- range comlink, and tools, a full set of food capsules are also clipped onto the belt, but as they fly off during combat, many times Amum will tape them into his pouch to avoid noise while moving about. Also he relies on the Force rather than using the liquid cable grappling hook issued to so many Jedi. A mini V77 Aqua Lung is kept in the main pouch, although, holding his breath for long periods of time has proved to be a unique talent of late, learned from the legendary Jedi Master, Kit Fisto, hero of Geonosis and Mon Calamari).
C. His robe, another simple design, is from mostly wool construction, made in a crepe pattern, of Dark brown, much like Qui Gon Jinn's robe. This is Amum's third robe, as the first two were destroyed during the Battles of Geonosis, and Bos Pity.
D. The boots were made custom, via an intergalactic company called motorcowboy.com. Made by Amum's request, in the vein of those of an admired man, Qui Gon Jinn ( though not his direct Master, he always admired the audacious quality of this legendary Master), these boots, also of Bantha leather, with reinforced toe and heel for arduous missions. For ceremony, and meetings at the Temple command center, Amum also has a Jedi uniform of light tan color and "crinkle" texture, much in the tradition of Masters Obi Wan, and Agen Kolar.(Picture to come). Although it is the "Temple-approved" dark browns that Amum prefers.

II. The Story
Full Name: Amumni'rapa Syo'Ru Kalla-man'pria
Species: Human (Chalactan Race)
Born: The Year of Zann (Chalacti calender), 50BBY (before The Battle of Yavin)
Last Jedi Rank: During the Old Republic, held rank of Knight, Jedi General During the Clone Wars, has just been awarded the rank of Jedi Master while in exile on Corellia, by Hon. Masters Yoda and Obi Wan


Homeworld (where originally from): Chandrila (Core System)
Now Lives: Mandalore System (Outer Rim)
Height: 71 inches
Build: Muscular, Athletic
Weight: 201 lbs.
Hair Color: Black
Eyes: Brown
Speaks: A Number of Outer Rim Languages, including Huttese, also speaks native tongue of Chalacti, Chandrilan, Arkanian, and Basic
Sword Fighting Specialty: Form III, Soresu (blaster bolt deflection technique)Master, Form IV Ataru (--Force assisted Body Dynamics, lethal blade twirling, and head long, Force assisted sword thrusts) Also knows the other fundamental sword fighting forms, to some exent.
Force Specialty: Telekinesis, Force assisted body hurling, Force assisted mind suggestion
Other Specialty: Balwa Master, hand to hand combat expert in other intergalactic Martial Arts and disciplines.
Flies: During the Clone Wars, Flew numerous Delta Athersprite and Eta Actis Class Jedi Fighter Interceptors, the first, destroyed while leading an arial combat mission over the skies of Bos Pity, in the Outer Rim, the Last, given over to old friend,Master Obi Wan Kenobi, before Amum's temporary resignation from the Jedi Order and Ordination into the Chalactan priesthood. Anakin Skywalker once vied for ownership of the vessel and the R-4G112 unit Amum left behind, but Obi Wan admonished him about his apparent materialism. The young Jedi Knight later forgot the idea...for the time being...
To Date: Flies a 90 year old Seinar Design Systems 150 Class Courier vessel he named "Kharma's Wind", once flown by his late Master Nol Som, during the Outbound Flight Era of the Old Republic. Also has an older, more archaic dark blue accented astromech droid named R-2G9. Though almost a century old, a very reliable and trustworthy droid indeed...with a personality much like the celebrated R2D2.
Wears, Incognito: While serving as a missionary priest on Corellia and Tatooine, simple earth colored priestrobes. (the first set bore no Jedi tabbards, but later ones did, symbolizing his affiliation with the Jedi Religion). On training days with Obi Wan, Or holonet meetings with fellow Jedi -in-exile, Masters Kai Rhann Jerra or Ky Wan Zann, The Old Republic Jedi Garb, with standard brown robe. Lately, Amum has become more audacious in his dressing in Jedi attire in the public eye, especially on Corellia, where Amum is known as the "Jedi-Priest of Aumkavassi Temple". A very precarious situation concerning Jedi clothing, which has raised the brow of Jedi in hiding, Imperial troops posted on Corellia and Tatooine, and Bounty hunters alike (as this Order's traditions, under Imperial Rule, have become forbidden). Note: Shortly before resigning from the Jedi Order, Amum wore his hair long, running down the length of his back, with a traditional Jedi Top Knot in place, a hairstyle he wore after the ritual shearing of his Padawan braid by Master Yoda declaring his knighthood, despite objection from Master Nol Som,who told Amum that this hairstyle wasn't too ideal for combat (can be pulled while hand-to-hand fighting), and it wasn't worn in this fashion since the Battle of Ruusan, 1000 years earlier. Amum insisted, thinking he was honoring the Jedi of Old, defying the pragmatic and strict Master Som, who kept his hair relatively short (most Chiss Men preferred practical over stylish). Before the Clone Wars were over, and on the eve of the deaths of his beloved Master and Padawan,Amum cut off this adornment of hair, after the Soleucami melee, using his own lightsaber as the shearing device, he did this in plain sight of the other Jedi, "right there, on that battlefied of Soleucami, the dead on both sides strewn the planet's lush green fields..." (excerpt from the account of Jedi Knight Kalla--by Jedi Master Quinlan Vos). With this self-shearing, Amum recited a Chalactan sutra for the dead, renouncing all war, conflict, government, and the universe, but another old friend, Jedi Master Quinlan Vos, fighting in the same campaign, consoled him in his loss. Upon return to the Jedi Temple, Amum resigned his General's commision, and placed his trusty lightsaber on the floor of the Jedi Council quarters. Mace Windu was present during that time, and reported the incident to Master Yoda. After his induction into the Aumkavassi Temple, and his realization of Order 66 soon after, Amum has since allowed his hair and his love for the Jedi ways to grow back. As most Chalactan view hair style and length as a status symbol, and the Jedi top knot was his utter dedication to the ancient Order, he will reprise the growing of his tresses once again, in the site of the opposition...
1) Born to a high-caste Chalactan Priest and his Matron wife, in the year 50 BBY (Before the Battle of Yavin) in the City of Chuun'Tak in the Core World Planet of Chandrila. Was discovered by Legendary Chiss Jedi Master, Nol Som, who witnessed the 3 year old boy's profound telekinetic skills (much to the dismay of the Priesthood hierarchy, save Amum's very understanding father, high priest Ghira, and overbearing mother, Anhi'i).Before taking the human boy to Coruscant, and to the Jedi Temple,and informing the Chalactan couple of Amum's extraordinary Force abilities, Master Som promised his stoic-faced parents, Ghira and Anhi Kallamanpria, that Amum would see them again, and made Amum promise the Chiss Master before his tragic demise, which fell against Jedi Code, that forbids retaining family ties. (In the year 15BBY, Amum made a special trip to see them, albeit in the garb of a Chalactan Priest, this made both Priest-father, and Matron-mother very proud, though they knew he still maintined, and followed his mission as a "Force User", a Jedi).
2)A Jedi Knight of the Old Republic Era, and a highly decorated Former Jedi General and Veteran of the Clone Wars, and the Outer Rim Seiges. Was a recipient of the Medal of Valor, 19BBY (along with Anakin Skywalker and Obi Wan Kenobi, for their parts in the Outer Rim Campaigns, in a combined ceremony) given to him by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine after Amum's successful annhilation of a Legion of Super Battle Droid Forces, led by the nefarious Droid/Alien General named Grievous, and the converted Sith Lord named Tyrannus (Dooku)(19.8BBY). Then General Amum Kalla was leading the 2525th Clone ARC Special Battalion, assisted by his Master, Chiss/Alderaanian Jedi General Nol Som, and Amum's first Padawan, a promising Twi'lek Jedi Female Commander named Arana Devi. Unfortunately, "both legendary Master and tenacious Padawan fell during the melee,via a storm of blaster bolts, raining down on the Clone Forces, and when the smoke cleared the air of the battlefield, both Legendary Jedi Master, and Padawan were no more" (excerpts from the Chronicles of A Jedi Master, Amum Sio Kalla, Data File, Hologram111). These deaths devasted the Chalactan Jedi immensely. The medal awarded to him was of no consolation, and General Kalla, promptly returned the decoration to the Jedi Temple. Master/General Yoda, and Korunnai Master/General Mace Windu, in turn, took the medal back to the Supreme Chancellor, who became infuriated. Before long, not long after the Purge of 19 BBY, that Amum learned through Obi Wan, the terrible truth, that the ostentatious Chancellor was none other than the Sith Lord Darth Sidious, just as Amum sensed. His General Commision stripped, Amum retreated to the monastic life of a Priest.

**A Note about Jedi Master Nol Som:

It is clear that Master Nol Som (Born Nol'unn Somnuthra'ieewe, 75BBY) was to date on record the only known humanoid of Chiss extraction to achieve the rank of Jedi Master, and Jedi High Council member (2-year term). Born on Alderaan to a Chiss High Official,named Si'Thron Somnuthra'- ieewe, and a Human Alderaanian woman named Amalia Varaga,Som was discovered on the scenic planet by Master Volutan, a Human/Coruscanti Jedi, who frequented Alderaan. Not much else is known of Som's early years. Although it was unlikely that Som's father possessed any Force powers, it was speculated that his mother Amalia had an extraordinary midichlorian count, evidence of Som's amazing telekinetic Force ability. What Som inherited on his father's side was the distinct blue hued skin of a Chiss, but retained a more human eye color (not the fiery red colored sclerae of full blooded Chiss), and a more compassionate demeanor he inherited from his mother. Nonetheless, Nol Som went into the Jedi Archives as one of the greatest and self- sacrificing Jedi Masters who ever served the Republic.

3) A Few Years after the Purge (Order 66)(16BBY) Priest Amum Kalla was on a missionary journey to the Planet Vjun, in the Outer Rim. There Amum ran into his old friend, his fellow former knight, the Chosen One, Anakin Skywalker, now a mask-donned Sith Lord serving the Empire,assuming the name Darth Vader. Recognizing Amum, Skywalker, attempted to cut down the seemingly helpless priest with his newly constructed blood- shined bladed lightsaber. With a swift move, Amum, parried the murderous strike with an ice blue field of energy, nearly flinging the Red bladed saber from Skywalker/ Vader's mechanical grip. Using a Force Push to Vader's body, pushing him back. Vader immediately summoned a platoon of heavily armed Imperial Stormtroopers to surround the revealed Jedi, Amum Kalla. Using Force Power resistant vibro shackles, Amum was taken into captivity, and was shuttled back to the Imperial Palace in Coruscant to meet the Emperor for interrogation, and if not turned to the Dark Side of the Force, eventual execution...
4)Amum was able to escape the dumbfounded Imperial troops, by utilizing Force mind suggestion, and mesmerizing them into releasing him. Amum soon comandeered an Imperial vessel, and headed for Tatooine, in the Outer Rim.
5) It was in Tatooine that Amum faced captivity again, this time by a group of Klatooinian slave traders/bounty hunters. This time however, Amum was fortunate to meet up with another old friend, this time one who would aid in his escape...Master Obi Wan Kenobi. AKA Ben Kenobi. Freeing Amum from the slave traders,by "forceful negotiations with a lightsaber", and retrieving Amum's saber from one of the now-deceased Klatooinians, the two Jedi retreated to Obi-Wan's Jundland Wastes flat, where the two began practice on the communication of the Force entities, namely Masters Qui Gon Jinn, and Amum's late Master Nol Som. Learning that the offspring of Anakin and Padme Amidala Skywalker's offspring were alive and safe from Imperial Forces (including the Emperor, who sensed their existence), Amum visualized a "New Hope" (in the boy Luke, the son of Skywalker) for the seemingly extinct Jedi Order. On Dagobah, 16BBY, Amum visited Master Yoda, who was in exile there. Asking the Ancient Master for forgiveness for his sudden abandonment of the Order, for the Chalactan priesthood, Kalla asked for re-enty into the Jedi fold (what was left of it). Yoda quickly forgave and reinstated Kalla as a Jedi, albeit, a Knight only,not as a Master as was originally planned by Yoda. This rank was bestowed on Amum "until the sorrow, and remorse inside of the Veteran Jedi could be resolved, at this point in his life, Mastery was a weight that the Chalactan could not bear".(Memoir of Master Yoda, 12BBY) Nonetheless, Kalla was honored by this reinstatement, and bid the legendary Master farewell. To date, it was the last time Amum has seen Yoda, though the ancient Master oversees the progress of the still ordained priest.

There was truly hope for the order, and Amum announced his total allegience once again...He would serve as a relentless advocate and ally in the Order's resurrection...and The Alliance...
Update, 14BBY...A'mum-Syo Kal-Jinn, as he is now known throughout the Galaxy, an alias, so to speak, was finally, after 5 years since the take over of the Empire, named Jedi Master by Prolific Jedi, Obi Wan Kenobi, and Yoda. The rank is still of some shock to the humble Chalactan. Many times in conversation with other Jedi in Exile, on the Holonet, Amum refers to them as "Master", little referring to his own accomplishments or status...Amum refers to himself as the "Padawan of the Ages"...
To date, Amum uses various aliases and warrior guises while still in hiding from the Imperial authorities (the Aumkavassi Temple in Corellia was ransacked in 12BBY by Imperial Stormtroopers, by order of the Sith Lords Emperor Palpatine, and Vader,who sensed Amum's presence there. The edict was clear: all those hiding Jedi on the run were to be summarily executed. Hence,ALL Chalactan priests were executed on the spot for their supposed "treason"). Amum escaped, but not without the feeling of utter remorse for the deaths of his bretheren...the pending War that the fledgling Rebel Alliance would wage against the Empire would surely be a personal one, as well, for the Old Jedi Amum Kalla...
A few years later, at the age of 40 standard years, in the year 10 BBY, A'mum Kal-Jinn (his new alias and Master namesake), now torn from the priesthood obligation he once served, has resided in the forest and farmland-surrounded town of Concord Dawn, in the Mandalore System, in the Outer Rim Territories, with his old but now upgraded R2G9 unit faithfully by his side. His Seinar Courier ship still his mode of Galactic transportation, he travels from system to system evading Imperial authorities (meanwhile, many Jedi in hiding were discovered, and thus terminated, save for Master Obi Wan,possibly Quinlin Vos, the archeologist Kai Rhann Jerra, the Rogue, but benevolent Jedi Ky Wan Zann, and Yoda). While staying in a farming community there, Amum soon befriended a local Tribe of Nomadic warriors there in Concord Dawn, who had taken in the renegade Jedi (at first thinking Amum was one of them, the Chalactan resembles a Mandalorian man in stature and complexion). After a year with the Mandalore Tribe, Amum soon learned from his "new family" many skills and trades of these self-sufficient people, including the Mandalorian art of Stalking and Hunting,as well as Combat Maneuvers, Armorsmithing,Hand to Hand, and even blaster marksmanship! Yes, Amum finally learned to use a blaster rifle with pinpoint accuracy (for hunting local game on the planet only, his lightsaber is still sufficient for self defense, even though wielding such a weapon would reveal his true origin, the Mandore didn't give it a second thought, even though they were by this time certain he was a Jedi. Coincidently,After the Mandalorian Wars of 70BBY, Jedi were enemies to the Mandalore, but Amum's generous and humble demeanor proved to earn him an exception to the Mandalorean's strict laws of befriending such an enemy). Amum trained some of the warriors in "lightsaber" training (using polearms for lightsabers), and even taught meditation and spiritual awakening to these otherwise impulsive yet highly capable people. By 8 BBY, during the Right of Passage Festival of Mandalore, A'mum Kal-Jinn was bestowed the Mandalore name of "Jangwaal Kieel", a name meaning "The Stranger Who Is Now an Ally", and given a full set of Mandalorean Armor and weaponry.The chieftan of the tribe, Manbo Terra, had even bestowed Amum his eldest daughter's hand in marriage, the 25 year old maiden Ona Terra, who was by some regarded as one of the most beautiful Mandalorian woman on the planet (she's also a cunning warrior, and good with a blaster). Amum had initialized his abandonment of his vow to the Jedi code concerning strict celibacy and the prohibition of marriage, by taking "the beautiful dark skinned maiden with long wavy tresses", Ona Terra as his wife. The two soon started a family, Ona boring the Jedi a son, whom they named Nol (after the slain Jedi Master Amum looked up to for most of his life). The beautiful Ona, to date is pregnant again, this time with Amum's daughter, whom they will name Anhii. More on that later...

Even after, however, Amum's Mandalore family were still a bit perplexed by his ability to "levetate objects and people with his mind,a few of the Tribal elders dismissing it as simply a "wizard's trait" (though the Mandalorian Tribal council deemed this power to be "true Jedi Mind Power, and reverred Amum highly for it. Manbo and the Tribal Council nonetheless feel it necessary to keep Amum a useful asset in training the young warriors, and not to mention the fact that his new father-in- law is the most powerful man in the Tribe Council as well). Amum continued his relentless implementation of the lightsaber (Amum has shown the warrior groups in the Tribe some techniques on dueing with ightsabers, but Amum plans on showing a select few the ways of the Force, providing any of them are Force-sensitive (or at least have a hint of this talent). One thing is certain: All the young warriors in the Tribe want to learn to make and wield one, including a 25 year old Mandalorian senior warrior, and now Bounty Hunter named Boba Fett, a stalwart member in the Tribe. (As everyone knows, Boba's father was the legenday Jango Fett, "Last of the Mandalore", or so it was thought,and ironically killed on Geonosis in 22BBY by Korunn Jedi Master Mace Windu, deceased, during the Jedi attrack on the planet). Though the cunning warrior is a little leary of the stranger that has become so close to his people, Fett finds A'mum, or in this case, "Jangwaal", a useful asset to the Tribe,because of his metaphysical and intellectual abilities. He could aid the Pragmatic warriors in their quest to totally eradicate the Empire, which most Mandalorians viewed with seething hatred. Boba may have dabbled in financial dealings with the Imperial "slime", but it was only business. Fett started on the blueprints for War: the pending Combined Assault on the Empire, that had been rumored among the Tribe for so long. Using his charm and extending a genuine friendship with Amum, Fett included the renegade Jedi in on a proposed idea to destroy the Empire for good. Amum, with an even more open mind after the tragic deaths of his fellow Jedi and more recent, the priests of Corellia, listens in with great interest...

At this time, Jedi Master A'mum Kal-Jinn has been seeking another Padawan learner, and seeks diligently among his Mandalorian family for "the one". He sees some Force sensitivity in his now 2 year old son Nol, so he may train his own son, when the time is right. On 8 BBY, on Amum's homeworld of Chandrila, Amum's mother and father were also summarily executed by the Empire. Vengence will soon take its toll for the 44 year old Jedi Master, who lies in wait like a Hunter, waiting for the right moment...meanwhile,on the Desert planet of Tatooine in the Outer Rim, Amum's old friend, Jedi Master Obi Wan watches on as the Young Jedi Hopeful, 14 year old Luke Skywalker, progresses through the years...and whose Force potential is as evident as the twin suns that shine over the planet. The aging Master senses that his old frien Amum is alive and safe, and from time to time attempts to contact the fellow Jedi through the Holonet and long distance comlink.that same year, 8BBY Amum reaches Obi Wan, and tells him of his great adventures...the Mandalore...his new wife and children...and the eventual return to Tatooine...(to be continued...)

Lightsaber Description
Lightsaber Photo

Blade Color: Green (new Saber)

Tales of The Lightsaber
I. Amum's First Lightsaber, from his Padawan days until knighthood, was a Clan Design, Temple quartermaster approved, lightsaber hilt, with numerous hidden power cells in the hilt. During the beginning of his Jedi career, he used blue focusing crystals he once acquired as a 14 year old Padawan on a pilgrimage to the Snow Blizzard Planet of Ilum, accompanying his Master Nol Som. Later, after knighthood, used the simple clan saber design, retro fitting it with a green focusing crystal before the Battle of Geonosis, and it served him well, until building his 2nd saber hilt, his signature design, at the height of the Clone Wars,when his first was damaged by a blaster bolt. Like the last saber, Amum used green focusing crystals, which he thought suited his character a bit more (On Geonosis, in the Petranaki Execution Arena, using the green bladed clan saber, Amum made a name for himself, decimating many battle droids, and Geonosians, opposing the Jedi).

On the eve of his resignation from the Jedi Order years later, The green bladed saber with the customized hilt was surrendered to Yoda and Mace Windu, upon his resignation from the Jedi Order, and ordination into the Chalactan Priesthood (though he kept the blue bladed lightsaber of his fallen Master, Nol Som, as a momento, until having to use it for real on Vjun against Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker). Later, while visiting the Outer Rim planet of Korriban, Kalla "found" an Ancient lightsaber once belonging to Sith Lord, Sor'uum Sa'a, and dismantled the hilt, revealing "inferior", artificially-made focusing crystals.After a few modifications, The saber is still in the possession of Kalla to this day, now fitted with green, natural crystals, and often used as a back up lightsaber. Amum also has a few Sith holocrons taken from Korriban, but is in the process of turning them into proper archeological authorities (Master Kai Rhann Jerra is aware of Amum's acquisitions, and is in the process of taking them for study). One of The ancient Jedi Holocron of the Ysanna People of Ossus is still in Amum's possession however...That will be returned at a later date in time...

While living with the Nomadic Mandalore Tribe, Amum had constucted a new lightsaber, totally made of Mandalorean grade t6 alloy subtrinium metal, while living near Concord Dawn. Using his last few focusing crystals (Green) on this latest project. However, the saber hilt itself is somewhat crude and field-expedient looking (not much different than the other two sabers he now has in his possession). His adopted family, the Mandalorian warrior group in particular, are pestering the veteran Jedi to teach them to construct one as well. This is one tough order for the Veteran Jedi...


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