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Viewing costume :: Bri-Yinn Juud

Character Profile


Bri-Yinn Juud
Member:  Bri-Yinn Juud
Archived Member Profile
Character Name:  Bri-Yinn Juud
Costume Type:  Jedi
Species:  Human
Lightsabre Color:

Character/Costume Description

A latter-day, self-taught Jedi, Bri-Yinn Juud grew up in a shore town on the remote world of Roon. Around the age of six he discovered several holocrons full of information about the events surrounding the Battle of Yavin, as well as the old Jedi Order. (It is believed that the holocrons were salvaged from the Imperial Palace by Corellian smugglers during the attacks on Coruscant during Palpatine's reemergence, and brought to Roon in an attempt to trade them for precious Roonstones.) After having the holocrons in his possession for several years, Bri-Yinn began studying the philosophies behind the Jedi Order, originally to settle his own curiosity, later to save his life

Bri-Yinn Juud was, in some ways, wise beyond his years. Studying the Jedi holocrons, he was able to recognize certain character traits he had either inherited, or learned, or both, from his family anger, aggression and their latent root, fear. For years he struggled to understand his own flaws, seeking a way to not only overcome them, but to learn total perfection of being. This path instead only led him to more pain and suffering, as he would refuse to accept his flaws, continually becoming frustrated with himself and impatient with those for whom he cared.

Eventually Bri-Yinn came to realize that in his humanity, the possibility of achieving perfection was a delusion of grandeur, and that instead of personal peace and happiness, his quest was leading him toward the Dark Side of the Force. Many times he felt the temptation of power that the Dark Side offered him, and on several occasions he chose to use it. Fortunately, in his wisdom, Bri-Yinn was able to recognize the moments in which the Dark Side would consume him, and he was eventually able to pull himself away from the Dark Side before he caused any significant damage.

But the temptation was too great. The shadow of Dark Side hung over him. Understanding the potential consequences of failure, Bri-Yinn decided to silence the beckoning call of the Dark Side by mastering the skills learned only by studying the Jedi Code. Without a master from whom he could learn, his fear and anger occasionally hindered his progress. Other times he felt himself becoming distracted by thoughts of adventure and excitement. His study of the ways of the Force became increasingly difficult, however he understood that that difficulty made it increasingly important that he complete his self-training.

His training was complete when he challenged himself with a simulated version of the Old Jedi Order's trials and constructed his first lightsaber. While commitments to his family made it difficult for him to travel off world, Bri-Yinn chose the rare approach of using of Roonstones instead of the traditional crystals. The Roonstones yield a teal blade, signifying trustworthiness, devotion and healing, and indicate the potential of a spiritual guide and natural teacher. Although he is now a Jedi Knight, Bri-Yinn Juud still occasionally senses the temptation of the Dark Side. Unable to attend the Jedi Academy, he has been continuing his self-training to become a Jedi Master, with future aspirations of becoming a Jedi Healer.


Bri-Yinn's Jedi garb is modeled after Obi-Wan Kenobi's Episode III costume, and it was pieced together from several different sources. The tunic, sash, inner belt, tabards and pants were made by Eve Mulligan of California. The inner belt supports the sash and its ties at the end dangle as symbolic reminder of the Jedi Code. The outer belt was made by Simon Poon of Singapore both contracted via eBay. The boots are simply tall pirate boots ordered via BrandsOnSale.com, and the robe was ordered from StarWars.com.

The lightsaber was constructed not from any particular Jedi's hilt, but rather following the advice of Kin-Char Bamin, that there are no rules and that construction reflects the mood and character of the person who builds it. It is 12 1/4" long and features a bell-like emmiter, a power button with a safety, blade length adjust switch, and blade power adjust switch. It clips to the belt via a triangular "D-ring" attached to the bottom of the hilt.

The D-ring is reminiscent of the Ep. IV - VI trilogy (as opposed to the CommuniTech clips of the Ep. I - III trilogy), while the "red button" power switches are reminiscent of the Ep. I - III trilogy (as opposed to the "thumb switches" of the Ep. IV - VI trilogy). Thus the hilt pays homage to both the classic and later-day Jedi styles.


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