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Viewing costume :: Ky-Wan Zann

Character Profile


Ky-Wan Zann
Member:  Ky-Wan Zann
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Character Name:  Ky-Wan Zann
Costume Type:  Jedi
Species:  Corellian
Lightsabre Color:

Character/Costume Description

Name: Ky-Wan Zann.
Age: 31 standard years old.
Jedi Master: Jil-Qun Tahm.
Padawan Learner: Saria Valen.
Jedi Youngling Clan: Savrip Clan.

50 BBY: Ky-Wan was discovered by a Jedi Knight on a mission in the industrial area of Tyrena, Corellia. He was midi-chlorian tested and with reluctance his parents was allowed to be taken by the Jedi Knight to Coruscant and inducted into the Jedi Order.

50-40 BBY: Ky-Wan undergoes basic Jedi Youngling training. Following instructors such as Yoda and Cin Drallig. Ky-Wan is adopted into the Savrip Clan and continues basic studies in theory and practical application until the age of 12.

40 BBY: Ky-Wan faces Valek, a fellow Youngling in a Velocities match for Jedi Masters. Ky-Wan defeats the other Jedi but is tempted by anger in order to win. Ky-Wan feels unworthy of being the victor. Ky-Wan is chosen as the Padawan Learner of Jil-Qun Tahm. A Jedi typically stationed at the Jedi Academy on Chandrila.

39 BBY: Ky-Wan makes the pilgrimage to Ilum with Jil-Qun to build his first Lightsaber. Ky-Wan has a vision of failure that causes the death of his Master. Ky-Wan awakens to have found that it never happened and that his weapon is complete. The weapon is based on the same design that fellow Jedi Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi uses. The difference being that Ky-Wan’s Lightsaber blade is green. He is 13 years old at this time.

39-32 BBY: Ky-Wan and Jil-Qun form the Master/Padawan bond and work as a capable though sometimes rule bending team. Between mission from the Jedi High Council on Coruscant and working with the Jedi Academy on Chandrila, Ky-Wan’s skills grow. He learns piloting, arts, languages and combat specializing in Form 4 Ataru Lightsaber combat. Ky-Wan makes new friends and allies over the course of the years. Jil-Qun’s rebellious acts strike a cord with Ky-Wan who, though more responsible in terms of etiquette and protocol, will like his Master bend rules to achieve the objective. Ky-Wan’s character is clearly defined from these years. Ky-Wan becomes respected for his combat, tactical and mediation skills.

32 BBY: Ky-Wan is 20 years old when the Battle of Naboo occurs. Master and Apprentice are in the outer rim trying to stop a string of piracy attacks which they track to Nar Shaddaa. After a short battle Ky-Wan and Jil-Qun complete the mission and return to Coruscant. Both Ky-Wan and Jil-Qun are saddened to hear of the death of Master Qui-Gon Jinn and troubled by the re appearance of the Sith.

32-25 BBY: The next few years are chaotic for Ky-Wan. With the return of the Sith, many Jedi Knights have been dispatched to find leads to whom the Sith are. Master Dooku has also left the order and Master Sifo-Dyas is killed. Granta Omega is also causing trouble for the Jedi Order. Jil-Qun and Ky-Wan have few missions that involve mediation. Their talents are usually used for escorting Senators to meetings off world. They also spend time dealing with or against Mandalorian solders.

26 BBY: Jil-Qun and Ky-Wan are sent on a rescue mission to the moon of Endor. There they help rescue one of Jil-Qun’s friends and fellow Jedi Knight Deean Kett. During the mission it is discovered that the Jedi Master is a clone and soon Ky-Wan, Jil-Qun and the rest of the Jedi on the mission are ambushed. Agents from the brand new Separatist movement plan to have the Jedi cloned to help aid their cause. The Jedi eventually free themselves and defeat the Dark Jedi clone. Ky-Wan is nearly tempted to take the life of one of the agents but does not.

27 BBY: Ky-Wan undertakes his preliminary Jedi Trials. Once he passes he is deemed worthy to undertake the final solo mission and ‘facing the mirror’ of the trials. He and Jil-Qun travel to the off limit moon of Yavin 4. There Ky-Wan enters one of the old temples alone. Ky-Wan survives the traps and puzzles he must navigate before reaching the main chamber. Once in there he encounters a dark side spirit that first takes the form of Darth Nihilus. Jedi releases his anger and cuts the mask from the Sith Lord’s face only to see his own. Ky-Wan finally lets the light side of the Force flow through him and the dark side spirit dissipates. Ky-Wan leaves the temple a Jedi Knight and undergoes his vigil once the two return to the Jedi Temple. The following morning at sunrise in the Hall of Knighthood Ky-Wan Zann is made a full fledged Jedi Knight. Ky-Wan is 25 years old at this time.

27-22 BBY: Ky-Wan spends the next five years undertaking mission on his own for the Jedi Order and Galactic Republic. Jil-Qun occasionally joins him on a mission if his insight is needed. Ky-Wan also works closely with Jedi stationed on Corellia. There he makes new contacts and allies and meets a Padawan named Torako Enzuru. The pair are often called to work together and develop a friendship mixed with annoyance for the other. Ky-Wan becomes known for his prowess with a Lightsaber and brooding image. He is respected by allies and enemies for his knowledge. Ky-Wan has developed a respect for Mandalorian’s. Ky-Wan doesn’t trust them after meeting so many who’ve wanted to kill him. He does however respect their ways to improve themselves and combat skills.

22 BBY: Ky-Wan is called to Geonosis by Master Mace Windu and helps rescue Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker and Senator Padme` Amidala. He along with Jil-Qun lead garrisons of Clone Troopers into battle. The Clone Wars have begun. Ky-Wan is made a Jedi General in the Grand Army of the Republic. He takes command of a Legion of Clones known as the Phoenix Legions. His second in command is an ARC Clone named Captain Hawk. Ky-Wan is 30 years old at this point.

22.1 BBY: Ky-Wan continues to engage the new Separatist Alliance on different worlds. He commands the respect of his troops by front line presence and tactical thinking. Ky-Wan helps with some of the major campaigns that occur at the beginning of the war. Ky-Wan is also not fond of the idea of being a General. He is 31 years old at this time.

22.2 BBY: Ky-Wan and Jil-Qun, along with a host of other Jedi and Clone Troopers are called to Corellia to help keep the peace while a potential new peace treaty is discussed between the Republic and Confederacy. The summit is discovered to be a trap for the Republic and the Separatists plans are eventually stopped. Ky-Wan is presented with Corellian Bloodstripes for his efforts by the Senator of Corellia and the Supreme Chancellor bestows on him as well as other Jedi a Medal of Valor. Jil-Qun retires from the Jedi Order following the mission.

22.3 BBY: Ky-Wan makes the decsion to request a Padawan Learner. Though he feels that the war is not a suitable learning ground for a Jedi education he cannot risk all the knowledge and skills he has acquired from Jil-Qun being lost in the event of his death. Ky-Wan requests a mature Padawan who has lost their Master.. The sooner the Padawan is knighted, the sooner the Republic can have another Jedi General. The Jedi High Council approves his request and he is given permission to complete the training of Saria Valen. A young Padawan Learner from Naboo.


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